The Progressive Labour Party: What went wrong?

Winter/Spring 2001

The Australian Section of the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) has a proud history of working toward a genuine socialist alternative to the Australian Labor Party (ALP). In the post Hawke-Keating years, some left groups have continued to call for the re-election of the ALP in order to “expose” its pro-capitalist agenda. This is insulting. Working… Read more »

LaTrobe Hospital Fiasco Gives Privatisation Advocates a Black Eye

Summer/Autumn 2001

Once a small junction on the main Gippsland rail line, Moe together with neighbours Yallourn and Morwell, grew large because of the State Electricity Commission’s (SEC) huge open-cut coal mines and power stations. The expanding population needed medical facilities and throughout the 1960s, the people of the LaTrobe Valley towns raised money for a hospital…. Read more »

The aged care scandal: Demand justice for seniors!

Summer/Autumn 2001

Late last year, the plight of 88 year old Alice Croser, found confused and distressed at Sydney’s Central railway station, shocked the nation. Alice had been put on the train by her granddaughter in Adelaide to live in Sydney with her 59 year old son. But David didn’t want her, either: his mother, partially blind… Read more »

May Day! Global Finance System Foundering As Planet-wide Mass Revolt Builds

Summer/Autumn 2001

The November 30, 1999 (N30) Seattle protests against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) signalled a turning point in the domination of neoliberal policies over the aspirations of the world’s peoples. The militant mass takeover of that city’s streets by students, unionists, movement activists and even a few small business owners was a huge success. The… Read more »

Excerpts from Permanent Revolution & Women’s Emancipation

Summer/Autumn 2001

It was no accident that on International Women’s Day 1917, the women textile workers of Petrograd, Russia started the world’s first socialist revolution. Murry Weiss, a lifelong Marxist feminist until his death in 1981, tells why. Written in 1978 and originally published in the Freedom Socialist newspaper, Permanent Revolution and Women’s Emancipation is a cornerstone… Read more »

George Petersen: Pioneer Australian Trotskyist

Winter/Spring 2000

I first heard about George Petersen in 1981. I was a 22 year old gay liberationist and budding socialist. The gay movement was buzzing with news of the Petersen bill, a private member’s bill introduced into the NSW Parliament to lower the age of consent to 16 for both homosexuals and heterosexuals and to repeal… Read more »

Shut Down The World Economic Forum!

Winter/Spring 2000

Global capitalism faces a crisis — and it’s not the economic one, not directly, anyway. In the last four years, in cities across the world, mass protest has greeted meetings of global economic institutions. Now one of those bodies is descending upon Australia. A regional meeting of the big business think tank, the World Economic… Read more »