socialist theory

May Day! Global Finance System Foundering As Planet-wide Mass Revolt Builds

Summer/Autumn 2001

The November 30, 1999 (N30) Seattle protests against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) signalled a turning point in the domination of neoliberal policies over the aspirations of the world’s peoples. The militant mass takeover of that city’s streets by students, unionists, movement activists and even a few small business owners was a huge success. The… Read more »

Permanent Revolution & Women’s Emancipation

Summer/Autumn 2001

It was no accident that on International Women’s Day 1917, the women textile workers of Petrograd, Russia started the world’s first socialist revolution. Murry Weiss, a lifelong Marxist feminist until his death in 1981, tells why. Written in 1978 and originally published in the Freedom Socialist newspaper, Permanent Revolution and Women’s Emancipation is a cornerstone… Read more »