solidarity statements

Let Ukraine and the world live in peace

June 2022

No to Putin, no to Biden! For a global united front of anti-capitalist and anti-war activists to defeat the imperialist merchants of death.

Liberdade aos presos políticos de Cuba


A seguir estão dois artigos, o primeiro uma declaração do Comitê pelo Reagrupamento Internacional Revolucionário e o segundo um artigo da jornalista cubana Lisbeth Moya González que descreve o caso… Read more »

Libertad a los presos políticos en Cuba

12 ENERO DE 2022

A continuación, se presentan dos artículos, el primero una declaración del Comité por el Reagrupamiento Internacional Revolucionario y el segundo es un artículo de la periodista cubana Lisbeth Moya González… Read more »

Free Political Prisoners in Cuba

January 12, 2022

The Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment joins with Cubans including Lisbeth Moya González in supporting prisoners like Abel Lescay, detained for protesting for survival needs.

Imperialists exit Afghanistan leaving behind the Taliban

October 11, 2021

The Afghan people are desperate for peace after 20 years of war. They have no illusions about the Taliban being any less corrupt than the puppet regime which recently fled the country, but some hope there will be less constant deadly conflict.

Carpenters Deserve Better

October 11, 2021

Freedom Socialist Party Solidarity Statement in support of Striking Western Washington Carpenters.