Network Unavailable: One.Tel collapses under the weight of its directors’ greed

Winter/Spring 2001

Like many Australians, I have a mobile phone. It’s a great organising tool. I was connected to One.Tel through a corporate deal brokered by my union. Capitalism is such a marvelously efficient system — not! One.Tel, whose directors include Jamie Packer and Lachlan Murdoch, was probably insolvent by December 2000, and currently owes around $1… Read more »

No Net Profit: Resisting corporate domination of the World Wide Web

Winter/Spring 1999

Over the last fifteen years, computer technology has mushroomed. The Internet doubles its traffic every eighteen months. Previously, the Pentagon-dominated network was the province of those who had the time and inclination to wrestle with cumbersome computer network programs. With the advent of easy-to-use “browsers,” the Internet has become an extremely useful mass research and… Read more »

The deadly consequences of private neglect

Summer/Autumn 1999

Australians have experienced a number of infrastructure breakdowns in the last few years. The country has vast supplies of energy, but the infrastructure to distribute it is at the point of collapse. This is life in late capitalist Australia.