An unflinching fable about slavery and race

April 2020

The Unexpected, by Helen Collier. A working-class Black woman of today exposes the pain and degradation of slavery, and the necessity of Black and white women consolidating against today’s racist USA.

Pastrami, passion, and politics

April 2020

Steve Strauss allies with FSP because “it grasps in its bones” that a revolutionary party develops leaders from the ranks of the most oppressed.

A funny, outrageous take on class war

April 2020

Parasite brilliantly exposes the unbridgeable gap between rich and poor — in South Korea this time. Fearless and funny, it helps movie-goers see the dark side. It deserves all the awards!

A union carpenter’s story

October 2018

Retiree Patrick Burns has his “feet on the ground” fighting for union democracy, women’s rights, and more.