James P. Cannon on the role of unions in liberating the working class

June 2010

In the early decades of the 1900s, a vibrant and radical labor movement thrived in the U.S. In later years political attacks, such as the anti-communist witchhunts of the ’50s and union busting of the Reagan era, took its toll on organized labor and had a conservatizing influence on the unions. Today, getting labor officials… Read more »

Countering tea party arguments: Quick answers to main questions

June 2010

With trillions of tax dollars going to corporate bailouts, millions of people losing homes and housing, and sky-high unemployment, there’s good reason to be angry. Recent polls report that most people think the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction. But what’s the right direction? Tea party protesters get exhaustive media coverage on their replies…. Read more »

Back in the USA: Red Letter Press reissues Trotsky’s Permanent Revolution

October 2010

On the 70th anniversary of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky’s death, his book The Permanent Revolution is again available for U.S. readers. It is “an indispensable guide for modern revolutionaries,” writes feminist anti-Nazi organizer Luma Nichol, author of a new introduction. The theory of permanent revolution postulates that unstoppable rebellion in all the cultural, economic and… Read more »

Toxic capitalism and the socialist cure

December 2010

Below is a slightly abridged and updated version of a talk given at the Imagine Revolution Conference sponsored by Campus Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party in Seattle in November 2002. When I was asked to give this talk, I felt like a kid offered my weight in candy. Wow! You want me to… Read more »

Socialist Feminism and the Revolutionary Party: A radiant program for new generations

February 2011

What follows is an in-depth explanation of why Marxist feminism, embodied in a revolutionary party, is the contemporary answer to the crisis of capitalism. Drafted on behalf of the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) National Committee, this political resolution was adopted at the party’s July 2010 convention. It incorporates additions put forward by the FSP membership…. Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial: You can’t kill an idea

June 2011

In 2009, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Barack Obama “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Two years later, these words drip with blood and irony. Obama has expanded the war in Afghanistan and continues the rape and occupation of Iraq. Countless Pakistanis have been blown apart… Read more »

RADICAL WOMEN — Princess, dominatrix, forever young: the new feminine mystique

June 2011

In the 1970s, social upsurge pulled millions of working-class women, including me, into the second wave of feminism. Sparked by our increasing presence in the workforce and inspired by the civil rights and anti-war movements, women’s liberation was born. Reading The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan reinforced our awakening. Friedan explored “the problem that has… Read more »

Next step for the Occupy movement: uniting labor and the dispossessed

December 2011

The first months of the Occupy Wall Street movement have been filled with growing pains — many caused by the rough chafing of plastic zip-tie handcuffs. The camps are important free-speech centers, a long overdue mass protest of the capitalist austerity program. Hopefully, the movement will be able to turn the tide against the police… Read more »

The revolutionary harmony of Marxism and feminism

December 2011

Women worldwide are saying Enough! Audacious Slutwalk marches protest rape and victim-blaming around the globe. Women are a vibrant part of the Occupy Wall Street movement and public employee uprisings. The escalating war on reproductive rights is wakening passion among new generations who refuse to live in a world of back-alley abortions. As always when… Read more »