The politics of Ron Paul and the libertarians: tailor-made for the 1 percent

April 2012

Amidst the stampede to the right by Republican presidential candidates, Ron Paul at first seems different. He opposes U.S. wars, the Patriot Act, and the war on drugs. But beware! Paul is no progressive. He is adamantly anti-abortion, endorses heavy border security against immigrant workers, and favors passage of the union-busting National Right to Work… Read more »

Seven reasons to vote socialist feminist

June 2012

“Americans today have been put on the merry-go-round; on the Wall Street Republican-Democratic merry-go-round of boom, bust and war.” Representative Vito Marcantonio delivered those words in a speech to Congress on Aug. 4, 1948. Marcantonio was elected to seven terms by his constituents in East Harlem, a stone’s throw from Freedom Hall, the current headquarters… Read more »

The most effective vote is a protest vote —

October 2012

Barack Obama spent $730 million to claim the White House in 2008, and it’s projected that this year’s winner will spend more than a billion. As it turns out, however, it only takes about $40,000 to run an energetic, inspiring, effective presidential write-in campaign to protest this rigged electoral system and give people the chance… Read more »

Electoral roulette: The 1 percent can’t lose

October 2012

While Mitt Romney and Barack Obama joust for the White House, the U.S. economy limps along, teetering between “recovery” and another downturn. With competition for global markets and resources at a white heat, CEOs are watching the 2012 election impatiently. As Fortune magazine’s Sept. 3 cover blared, “Hey, Washington: Enough already!” The authors say neither… Read more »

A political critique of the Party for Socialism and Liberation

February 2013

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is an activist party that endorses popular struggles in the U.S. and raises the need for international socialist revolution. Their writings stress the fight against racism, sexism, and homophobia, as well as struggles for national self-determination, labor rights, and union militancy. The PSL program backs up their positions… Read more »

Left debate: What can socialists hope to accomplish in elections?

April 2013

The 2012 U.S. elections, unfolding amidst permanent war and recession, presented a golden opportunity for socialists to explain their ideas, especially at the national level. While millions of voters still cling to hope in the Democrats, millions more are deeply disillusioned and seeking new answers to old problems that can’t find resolution under capitalism. But… Read more »

Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor

August 2013

GUN VIOLENCE — BIG RESPONSE! Gutsy piece I appreciated the article on guns and self-defense [Vol. 34, No. 3, “A socialist take on gun violence, state violence, and workers’ right to self-defense”]. It’s a gutsy piece, given how easily it can be misinterpreted or misused. I just read the book, The Rebellious Life of Mrs…. Read more »