¡No te pongas de luto, organízate! Dónald Trump y el año del voto peligroso

diciembre de 2016

Una cuestión está clara después de la victoria de Donald Trump: nada está resuelto. A pesar de los predecibles llamados por parte de los demócratas y republicanos por la unidad y la harmonía, la polarización reflejada en estas elecciones sólo se está agudizando. Las protestas comenzaron inmediatamente con la noticia de la elección de Trump…. Read more »

Don’t mourn, organize! Donald J. Trump and the year of voting dangerously

December 2016

One thing is clear in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory: nothing is resolved. Despite predictable calls by top Democrats and Republicans for unity and healing, the polarization reflected in this election is only sharpening. Protests began immediately with the news of Trump’s election. The popular slogan and chant “not my president” testify to a… Read more »

Electoral College is a legacy of slavery

December 2016

Clinton actually beat Trump by about a million votes. Yet, absurdly, he is the next prez. Twice in the last five presidential elections the popular vote winner lost. Why? Because the Electoral College was written into the U.S. Constitution to undermine democracy and uphold slave-owners power. When the Constitution was drafted most states granted voting… Read more »

Only an independent labor party can speak for the working class

December 2016

The steep price that U.S. workers pay for having no independent political voice is hitting home with Donald Trump’s upset victory. Many voters, squeezed between shrinking paychecks and inflation, saw this election as a referendum on the beltway insiders they associate with neoliberalism. With no working class option to choose, many white working class voters… Read more »

Class: it’s where we find our strength

February 2017

Analyzing the reasons why Donald Trump “won” the 2016 election is in part an exercise in absurdity, since Hillary Clinton attracted about three million more votes than he did. Still, enough people chose Donald Trump to give him an Electoral College majority, and that is what counts in not-so-democratic U.S. politics. Many people in the… Read more »

Taking on the big lie of “Right to Work”

April 2017

The Feb. 15 vote by workers at Boeing’s South Carolina Dreamliner plant against being represented by the Machinists union was portrayed in the press as another case of workers saying, “Union, No!” That’s not the whole story. Before the vote, Boeing saturated the airwaves with hype designed to scare their employees into rejecting unionization. Workers… Read more »

Standing on the edge of something big

January 2017

This document analyzes how world events over the last 100 years have led to the conditions of instability and polarization working and oppressed people in the U.S. are experiencing today. Drafted on behalf of the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) National Committee in May 2016, it has been amended to incorporate additions and changes made by… Read more »