Crisis of Leadership in Portugal

Fall 1977

Milton and Edith Zaslow, leaders of Trotskyist regroupment in this country and founding members of the new Committee for a Revolutionary Socialist Party, analyze the problems facing the Portuguese working class and the character of the Portuguese Communist Party. The Zaslows reside in Los Angeles, California. Their article is a counter-position to that of “Murry… Read more »

Paris: A split in the Union of the Left

Fall 1977

The workers’ mood here is one of demoralization since the split in the Union of the Left, a popular front composed of the Communist party, Socialist party, and the Left Radicals, a bourgeois liberal party seeking left cover. In the face of the government austerity program of speedups and wage freezes, the workers were awaiting… Read more »

Southern demagogue in the White House

Fall 1977

Within one brief year after the resounding electoral victory of James Earl Carter, his glittering halo is sorely tarnished and his grin has stiffened into a grimace. The ardor he once elicited from organized labor, ethnic minorities, feminists, gays, and the unemployed has not only cooled, it has frozen. And President Jimmy, the down-home, goody-goody,… Read more »

On Mao’s contradictions

Summer 1978

The degree of confusion encountered in Mao Tse-tung’s small work, On Contradiction, is appalling. Obviously, this book was published not because Mao understood the dialectic but because he led a revolution and held state power. This, too, is a contradiction. How can a revolution be won without a correct revolutionary program? Marxists consider theory and… Read more »

Theoretical Cornerstones of the Woman Question

Fall 1978

Charles Fourier Social advances and changes of periods are brought about by virtue of the progress of women towards liberty, and the decadences of the social order are brought about by virtue of the decrease of liberty of women … there is no cause which so rapidly produces social progress or decline as a change… Read more »

Coontz vs. Reed on Engels and Matriarchy

Winter 1978

Debate in the SWP? Strange, but true. In the February edition of the International Socialist Review, two prominent writer-theoreticians of the Socialist Workers Party slug it out in a style almost reminiscent of Bolshevism. Almost, but not quite. The two theoreticians in question are women, and the debate addresses a topic of piddling significance to… Read more »

Rebuttal to Freedom Socialist article

Spring 1979

In the fall issue Clara Fraser railed against some unnamed “patience mongers” and “mañana mouthers.” These “Marxist realists,” she wrote, “cooly inform” women and minorities “that they must wait until the revolution, throughout the revolution and long after the revolution before their oppression is significantly relieved” and that “the attainment of elementary civil rights is… Read more »

Freedom Socialist movie review: McCarthy Era Nostalgia

Spring 1979

Gently the seeds float down, flowering into sweet, lovely blossoms. And the inhabitants of trendy San Francisco are replaced, one by one, by steely humanoids grown from the pods which developed from the alien seeds. A remake of a 1956, low-budget horror film, the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers has more pretension… Read more »

Freedom Socialist editorial: The Coming Labor Party

Spring 1979

American workers are caught in a political trap. Year after year, they are swindled by their worst enemies, the Republicans and Democrats. Workers are deceived into voting back into power all the devoted representatives of the capitalist class. And what does this capitalist power produce? Rising unemployment, ballooning inflation, soaring taxes, cutbacks in health, welfare… Read more »

Public study launched on “Natural Superiority of Women”

Fall 1979

Are women, by virtue of natural/biological traits or social status, superior to men? And what are the political implications of asserting women’s superiority? Two conflicting approaches to these thorny questions emerged when 130 women and men assembled in Seattle’s Freeway Hall on August 30 to examine the controversial issue. Dr. Jennifer James, anthropologist and associate… Read more »