Malice Aforethought

Spring 1980

We sophisticated watchdogs of the national press are distinguished from the snobbish, the sectarian, and the inexperienced by our comprehension of details to which they are wholly insensitive. I refer, naturally, to those glimpses of American mood and changing political perspectives to be gleaned from the lines of Ann Landers’ column. It is here that… Read more »

Murry Weiss appraises the critical split in the Fourth International

Spring 1980

An exceptionally sharp fissure jolted the Fourth International just as its Eleventh World Congress convened in Brussels in November 1979. Two groupings within the International (the official body of world Trotskyism) walked out or boycotted the meeting — the Bolshevik Faction (the majority tendency in Latin America) and the large Leninist Trotskyist Tendency (of France)…. Read more »

What is the Freedom Socialist Party?

Summer/Fall 1980

The Freedom Socialist Party is a revolutionary, socialist feminist organization, dedicated to the replacement of capitalist rule by a genuine workers democracy that will guarantee full economic, social, political and legal equality to women, people of color, gays, and all who are exploited, oppressed and repelled by the ruthless profit system and its offshoot —… Read more »

Fourth of July Oration

Summer 1982

CURRENT FASHIONS in world leftism decree that our very own, home brew, red-white-and-blue working class be regarded with lofty arrogance. No full-blooded anti-imperialist can pass the course in Revolution II without sneering and sniping at U.S. workers. Indeed, my sisters and brothers in the shops and offices and mines and mills of the USA have… Read more »

Permanent Revolution Betrayed: The SWP Abandons Trotskyism

Autumn 1984

The recent history of the U.S. Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is replete with the unmistakable signs and symptoms of terminal political degeneration. The SWP’s death throes are marked by complete submersion into reformism in the U.S. labor and mass social movements, desperate opportunism in the international arena, and spasmodic convulsions of theory and strategy. For… Read more »

Wall Street:

February 1988

Now that the Wall Street bull has bitten the dust, what are the prospects for the economy? And what lies ahead for American workers? Most everyone agrees on the factors that precipitated the October 19 stock market crash: the soaring U. S. federal and trade deficits; the tumbling U.S. dollar; the continuing stagnation of U.S…. Read more »

The Great Soviet Shake-up — New dawn for workers democracy or regression to capitalism? Can Gorbachev eradicate the stubborn legacy of Stalinism? What do perestroika and glasnost portend for world socialism?

September 1988

Whither the USSR? Can Mikhail Gorbachev’s restructuring resuscitate Soviet “socialism”? Or will it restore capitalism, given that perestroika is throwing open Soviet industry to the vagaries and imperatives of market economics? And what of glasnost — perestroika’s battering ram against the lead-rumped bureaucratic conservatives? Will openness engender democratization — socialist democracy — so that the… Read more »

Towards the ’90s: Approaching the Final Conflict — About the Authors

June 1989

About the Authors Guerry Hoddersen, FSP National Secretary, and Clara Fraser, FSP National Chair, represent two generations of socialist feminist thinkers and builders. Guerry Hoddersen’s radical instincts first found expression in the Black civil rights struggle and the Berkeley Free Speech and anti-Vietnam War movements. In the early ’70s, she became one of the first… Read more »

Towards the ’90s: Approaching the Final Conflict — Part VI

June 1989

“Towards the ’90s” is a dynamic analysis of the recent progress and current prospects for the world class struggle. Written on behalf of the National Committee of the Freedom Socialist Party, its assessment and optimistic conclusions were endorsed by the party’s September, 1988 National Convention. This document was originally published in the Freedom Socialist newspaper… Read more »