Barack Obama: The new face of U.S. imperialism

Winter/Spring 2009

In the United States, it is customary to assess a president’s first 100 days in office, a tradition that goes back to the Great Depression. Fearing that the collapse of Wall Street and the enormous suffering it caused was laying the groundwork for a socialist revolution in the U.S., newly elected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt… Read more »

Nellie Wong: Feminist revolutionary and poet to visit Australia

Winter/Spring 2009

Australians are in for a treat this spring! Revolutionary feminist poet and organiser, Nellie Wong, will visit for five weeks. Nellie Wong, who currently resides in San Francisco, is a leader with both Radical Women (RW) and the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP). She served for many years as the organiser for the FSP branch in… Read more »

Big trouble for workers as crisis hits world’s largest economy

Winter/Spring 2008

Forget the glitzy façade and look at the United States from an average person’s perspective. Setbacks, catastrophe, and ruin are hitting working people from every direction. The economy has been worsening since 2001, but the first half of 2008 brought enormous price increases, accelerated loss of homes, floods, massive layoffs, and spiking unemployment. The government’s… Read more »

Group 4 Securicor workers globalise resistance

Winter/Spring 2007

Workers employed by multinational giant Group 4 Securicor are strengthening their international links — and that is good news. This giant corporation was formed in 2004 through the merger of Group 4 Falck and Securicor. The conglomerate also incorporates the Florida-based Wakenhut Corporation, which counts the United States government as a major customer. Group 4… Read more »

Military indoctrination: A factory for producing violence against women

Winter/Spring 2007

A long-ignored aspect of Washington’s war machine is now getting sporadic attention in the U.S. mainstream media. This is the explosion of violence against women, both in war zones and the military itself. The corporate media, however, is incapable of tracing this problem to its source: the character of imperialist military indoctrination. Gender-specific brutality is… Read more »

Kabul in Winter: the ravages of war and religious rule in Afghanistan

Summer/Autumn 2007

Kabul in Winter: Life without Peace in Afghanistan (Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Company, New York, 2006) hits hard in the gut while absorbing the mind. The book is a scathing indictment of U.S. policies that promoted the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, used the plight of Afghan women to justify an unjust war, and finally… Read more »

War on dissent: anti-terrorism laws must be defeated

Winter/Spring 2006

Fantasy becomes reality. The plot of the movie, Minority Report, was that crime was so out of control in a future world that people could be arrested as “pre-criminals.” Faheem Lohdi, a Pakistani-Australian and Muslim, is unjustly held in the psychological management unit at Goulburn jail. He had some maps, videos, DVDs and handwritten notes… Read more »