Labor fightback news

June 2022

Fired tortilla chip makers in Chicago demand jobs back; rising costs fuel a teacher strike in North Macedonia; young mechanics organize in Portland, Oregon.

One Guatemalan woman’s saga of exile

June 2022

Originally published in 2012, this moving story of an undocumented mother’s harsh life and fightback in the U.S. is deeply relevant here and now.

Starbucks unionizing heats up

April 2022

Ramped-up organizing in the “world’s biggest coffeehouse chain” has exposed its vicious union-busting history.

Students protest “Don’t Say Gay” bill

April 2022

Florida youth lead an impressive fight against the state’s governor and his legislators’ undisguised bigotry, under the guise of “parental rights.”

Los trabajadores de EE.UU. en movimiento

abril de 2022

En todo Estados Unidos, intrépidos huelguistas se han enfrentado a sus jefes, afectando a una gama más amplia de industrias que en décadas pasadas.