U.S. Politics

Trump’s NAFTA publicity stunt

October 2018

While endlessly covering Trump’s false NAFTA-supplanting deal with Mexico at the end of August, the U.S. press avoided reporting on how very bad any free trade agreement is for the working class.

“Bipartisan Hell”

What does “bipartisanship” mean for poor and working folks? Courtesy of Prison Radio, Mumia Abu-Jamal tells it like it is.

Seamos realistas acerca del Partido Demócrata

agosto de 2018

Cada ciclo electoral es un momento de gran ansiedad para los votantes de los EE. UU. y el actual probablemente esté causando pesadillas, especialmente para aquellos que detestan a Donald Trump y sus políticas xenófobas, misóginas y racistas.

Dita Sari is free! Mumia Abu Jamal must be free!

Winter/Spring 1999

The release of Dita is a vindication the continued and uninterrupted struggle of the Indonesian working class. Another is needed: with the deck stacked against him, freedom for Mumia can only be won through massive, irresistible public pressure on his behalf. Now is the time to act!