Freedom Socialist Newspaper

Vol. 42, No. 3 (June-July 2021)

Four photos of protesters from different events. From left to right: A Black man with a megaphone; a white woman with green hair holding a sign reading "Fascists are not wanted here"; a crowd of Black and brown protesters; a white woman holding a Labor For Black Lives sign.

The united front: key to the essential fight against fascists

A self-defense strategy against Nazis of whatever era, obstacles in organizing this, and what it all has to do with capitalism.
People hold a banner reading "Stand Against White Supremacy"

“White Lives Matter” rallies shut down and shouted down

From coast to coast, the white supremacists were out-organized and mostly failed to show up for their announced April protests.
A mural on a brick building featuring George Floyd, with the words AGAIN WE RISE surrounded by names of victims of police violence.

After the reckoning for George Floyd’s killer, what road to ending systemic racism?

Derek Chauvin’s conviction was welcome news. Where to from here?
Multicolored smoke drifts over a crowd waving yellow, blue, and red striped flags.

Rebellion in Colombia

A solidarity statement by Partido Socialism y Libertad (PSL) Argentina to the Colombian people.
A Black woman works near large yellow bins as two white men look on. One of the men is wearing a white shirt and tie.

High hopes, a tough loss, and the road ahead

What can we learn from the valiant effort to unionize the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama?
Standing up to dirty politics in Seattle

Standing up to dirty politics in Seattle

In Amazon's host city, a shameful attempt to pit a vaccine clinic against a rally to support Bessemer warehouse workers falls flat.
A group of people with signs march on the side of a paved road. The central sign reads "NO FORMOSA PLASTICS." Other signs read "Justice delayed is justice denied" and "We say NO to Environmental Racism."

Battling racist polluters in Cancer Alley

In Louisiana, Black women lead an urgent fight against Formosa Chemical complex.
A woman holds a child, who is holding a sign showing a panda raising its middle finger. Below it reads "F**K RACISM. Two men are also in the photo. All are wearing filtration masks.

China-bashing fuels rising anti-Asian violence

Some sharp political analysis and good advice on how to defend AAPI residents in the U.S.
As others stand by, a Black woman speaking into a microphone. She is raising her fist, and wearing a sweatshirt with "ECRB NOW" printed on the front.

New bill filed in NYC for community control of cops

The five-year campaign for an elected police review board, led by New York FSP with broad community support, is now before the City Council. A first.
In the foreground, four girls in athletic wear run past the camera. In the background, one girls sits in the bleachers watching.

Reactionaries aggressively target trans kids

Students, parents, teachers, doctors, and athletes are speaking out against a massive legal assault on trans youth.
A broad, historic revolt in  Myanmar against a ruthless military

A broad, historic revolt in Myanmar against a ruthless military

For the first time in this country’s history, millions of very diverse peoples are rising up in combative solidarity.
Is destruction of sacred Indigenous sites a mistake by a rogue company?

Is destruction of sacred Indigenous sites a mistake by a rogue company?

No, just business as usual. Rio Tinto, the world’s second largest mining company, operates on six continents and has a sordid history of destroying Indigenous land.
Robin Hood program for working-class survival

Robin Hood program for working-class survival

A 10-point plan that advocates taking from the rich and the Pentagon to give to those hit hard by economic blows.
Stirring Judas and the Black Messiah leaves more to tell

Stirring Judas and the Black Messiah leaves more to tell

A vital film that leaves the viewer wanting to know more about the extraordinary life of revolutionary Fred Hampton and the Black Panther Party.
The Pfizer and Moderna logos, on a background of money.

Big Pharma makes me sick

Are the drug companies the pandemic superheroes that the mainstream media are making them out to be? Hardly, says neurologist Steven Strauss.
A red-and-white picket sign surrounded by plants. It reads "We stand with Kshama Sawant. Unite against the right-wing recall."

Defend Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s elected socialist

A right-wing funded effort to recall Kshama Sawant, Socialist Alternative, from her seat on Seattle City Council, needs to be stopped.
Palestinians rise up in self-defense

Palestinians rise up in self-defense

Whatever precipitates it in a given instance, deadly conflict in Gaza has one primary cause.
A silhouette of an old-fashioned scale/balance. In the background is a rainbow flag.

LGBTQ Equality Act … pass it now!

Time to demand that the Democrats take their pro-equality platform seriously.
Kids in prison for life, no way

Kids in prison for life, no way

Right-wing Supreme Court justices have okayed life without parole for juveniles. Madness!

Letters to the editor, June 2021

Readers from Germany, Canada, Australia and the United States write in.