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April-May 2020

Two parties, one playbook

Two parties, one playbook

The fight doesn’t begin and end with Bernie Sanders— or at the ballot box
A large crowd bearing signs and drums swarm down an avenue.

Showdown over fossil fuels in Canada

Native protesters and widespread supporters paralyzed Canada’s economy for 20 days. A showcase on how to fight for climate sanity and indigenous rights.
A person in front of a barbed-wire topped cyclone fence holds a sign that reads: "Wheres my Mom? Families belong together."

Northwest ICE Processing Center: The fight against immigrant prisons

Imprisoned migrants are hunger-striking and publicizing abominable conditions in their privatized jail. And getting bold grassroots support from groups like La Resistencia in Washington state.
A street view from the back of a crowd, many holding white flowers, one person holding up a red rose.

Revolution and counter-revolution in the Middle East — a crucial test for the Left

With besieged Syrians and Iranians as examples, this critique of Stalinists, social democrats and lapsed Trotskyists reminds progressives that every democratic movement in every country deserves Left support.
Union-busting culture at Boeing: Lives and livelihoods sacrificed to the bottom line

Union-busting culture at Boeing: Lives and livelihoods sacrificed to the bottom line

Over the last decade, Boeing has ramped up its war on unions, and this is directly connected to its two deadly crashes.
Dozens of men, many carrying their shoes, run across a shallow part of a river.

Behind the migrant crisis in Mexico and Guatemala

Forcing desperate migrants to wait outside the U.S. is creating humanitarian disaster in Mexico and Guatemala, out of sight of the U.S. public.
A person completes a protest sign reading "My feminism is inclusive."

Right-wing feminists and their anti-trans agenda

With picket signs that say “My feminism is inclusive,” activists in Seattle out-organized WoLF, a so-called feminist group that denounces trans women as imposters and trans men as traitors.
In twilight, a crowd of young and old sit holding flags and cellphones.

Lebanon: An Arab Spring resurgence

Lebanon’s five-month uprising against corrupt government, banks and, notably, religious sectarianism is a beacon of hope to other rebellions in the region.
A large crowd of women in brightly colored saris clap their hands over their heads in unison.

The General Strike: vital tool of workers’ power

This classic tactic unites broad sections of the working class and asserts workers’ power and ability as few other actions can.
A woman works in a field with a sleeping baby slung against her back.

Women’s free labor

A stunning graphic: 42% of women are outside of the paid work force. Every day, women provide 12.5 billion hours of free work, an annual monetary value of $10.8 trillion.
Labor Weather Report, April 2020

Labor Weather Report, April 2020

A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.
An unflinching fable about slavery and race

An unflinching fable about slavery and race

The Unexpected, by Helen Collier. A working-class Black woman of today exposes the pain and degradation of slavery, and the necessity of Black and white women consolidating against today’s racist USA.
Pastrami, passion, and politics

Pastrami, passion, and politics

Steve Strauss allies with FSP because “it grasps in its bones” that a revolutionary party develops leaders from the ranks of the most oppressed.
Give 'til it hurts — Trump!

Give ’til it hurts — Trump!

If ever there was a time for a newspaper that delivers accurate news, informed analysis and revolutionary optimism, it’s now.
A funny, outrageous take on class war

A funny, outrageous take on class war

Parasite brilliantly exposes the unbridgeable gap between rich and poor — in South Korea this time. Fearless and funny, it helps movie-goers see the dark side. It deserves all the awards!
Scanning electron microscope image of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, emerging from the surface of cells cultured in a lab.

Coronavirus rips veil off failing capitalism

As if the health crisis itself was not bad enough, the powers-that-be will use it to advance privatization goals and an anti-working-class agenda.
Mexican women strike over femicides

Mexican women strike over femicides

The day after Women’s Right Day, millions of women went on a general strike against Mexico’s unchecked murder of sisters, mothers and daughters. Women all over Latin America pledged support, as must all human rights fighters everywhere.
Letters to the editor, April 2020

Letters to the editor, April 2020

An update on Mumia Abu-Jamal, and readers weigh in on: popularity of Freedom Socialist, electoral remedies, a post-Brexit message, and military production and the climate.