Freedom Socialist Newspaper

Vol. 41, No. 4 (August – September 2020)

Two people stand by a burning dumpster, with a row of police in the background. One of the people is holding a sign saying "By any means necessary."

Make Black lives matter

Militant Black youth sounded a battle cry against police abuse that has ignited the largest multiracial, multi-generation protest in recent US history.
Donald Trump waving

Are the powers-that-be ready to dump Trump?

Don’t count on the capitalist Democratic Party. More important than winning in November is building a strong, radical, and organized grassroots movement of the have-nots.
Two men in facemasks hold a banner reading GET SPOG OUT. An OWLS banner can be seen in the background.

How we won the fight to expel the police guild from our labor council

First-hand account of how and why rank-and-file unionists kicked the Seattle police guild out of the Martin Luther King County Labor council.
A crowd of women, some carrying babies, in a park gesture toward the camera.

A radical approach to sexual abuse in working-class organizations

FSP and socialist feminists from Mexican, Argentinian and Brazilian parties have written groundbreaking Protocols on how to address sexism in the revolutionary movement.
Two men in cowboy hats in the foreground frame a woman speaking through a bullhorn.

Mexico in crisis: International working-class solidarity is key

Purported left-leaning president AMLO has put millions of workers and indigenous people in Covid danger and impoverishment. Mexico’s militant working class needs world allies.
The planet Earth from space.

A socialist feminist response to Covid-19

Nine fundamental demands on what to teach and fight for in the wake of this pandemic.
A school bus on a New York City street.

Sacrificing the vulnerable: Politicians’ draconian response to New York City economic crisis

As city politicians impose austerity budgets and cut social service jobs that hit the poorest hardest, militant essential workers from fields to hospitals and schools are saying, “Tax the rich.”
A fox on a sidewalk, next to a bag of trash.

How environmental destruction fosters epidemics the world over

The relationship between devastating nature and wiping out animals and people is no mystery. Why not name capitalism the culprit, and tax agribusiness, mining and oil companies to pay for solutions?
Social Security: not broken, but they’re working on it

Social Security: not broken, but they’re working on it

Whose survival depends on this 85-year-old benefit? Why should it be expanded? And how? The answers are not complicated.
In defense of the US Postal Service

In defense of the US Postal Service

During record joblessness, pandemic crisis and suppression of voting rights, why Federal bailouts for airlines and cruise lines, but not for the multiracial, strongly unionized Postal Service?
Football players on the sidelines, some standing and some kneeling. They are giving each other questioning looks.

Big money sports — profit trumps safety

Reopen or not? With fans or not? Owners care about the money. Players and their unions care about their health and about fighting racism, in sports and society.
Two smiling women hold Stop ERA signs behind a woman in a white coat with a STOP ERA button.

Mrs. America — how the ERA was lost

This riveting miniseries streaming on Hulu tells the history of the 1970s battle for women’s equal rights, characterizes the politics of both sides, and teaches important lessons for finishing the fight.
Planet of the Humans takes on green capitalism

Planet of the Humans takes on green capitalism

"Planet" boldly exposes that corporations profit from green campaigns and discusses real problems. But eco-socialist ideas are missing.
Packinghouse workers striking for their lives

Packinghouse workers striking for their lives

A fine, eyewitness story about Yakima Valley workers, led by mostly women, who fought six companies, state agencies and the virus. And won – with democratic, multi-racial and multi -generational dedication.
FSP speaks to all of me as a working-class Chicana

FSP speaks to all of me as a working-class Chicana

MEChA activist Christina López gave up on politics during Clinton's presidency. But, after getting involved with FSP and Radical Women, she “finally understood why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

Trump’s latest high crime — stimulus looting

The multi-trillion-dollar stimulus bailout was “for family businesses,” said Trump & Co. Actually, it was an equal opportunity feeding frenzy among D.C. insiders from both parties.
Anti-pipeline protesters on overpass

Three pipelines stopped — for now

Three important wins strengthen the movement against ruinous fossil-fuel pipelines.

Halt annexation of Palestinian land

Steadfast indigenous resistance and a decade of militant organizing by BDS has hugely heightened world support for Palestinian rights. Israel’s July 1 annexation was therefore halted, for now.
Views from FS readers

Views from FS readers

An update on Seattle mayor redbaiting attack on the only socialist on the Seattle City Council. Readers weigh in on not prosecuting Black lives protesters, prisoner rights, campaign reform, and suspending the use of money.