August-September 2019

Illustration of a skull in front of opioid pills and syringes.

The opioid crisis

Big Pharma is not the solution — it helped create the problem. Steven Strauss, M.D., explains what’s needed and possible for both pain relief and addiction.
Banner that reads "Stop Killing Black People"

Legal system protects police, but not videographer of Eric Garner’s murder

No cop has ever been charged, but the man who exposed the 2014 chokehold killing has been persecuted and imprisoned.
At Fort Brown Station in Texas, 51 women occupy a cell meant for not more than 40 male juveniles.

A rational response to the border catastrophe

As raids and deportations and militarization on the U.S. southern border climb, here’s what should be done right now.
The opulent headquarters of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama.

The lucrative business of “fighting hate”

In-house bigotry rocks the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Sudanese protesters.

Sudan: after heroic uprising, military keeps the power

The resistance movement needs all the international support that workers, feminists and radicals can give them.
A stethoscope intertwined with a rosary

The stealth war: Catholic hospitals vs. reproductive health

It won’t go well for women when Catholic bishops are in charge of healthcare.
Workers in China engaging in a wildcat strike

Chinese workers fearless

The Chinese government targets union drive at Jasic factory.
New York Taxi Workers Alliance rally for Uber strikers, Long Island City, New York, May 2019. PHOTO: Jonathan Sperling

Drivers’ strike spoils Uber stock launch

App-based gig workers organizing against wage theft and unreasonable firings are attracting public support.
Port of Genoa, Italy.

European dockworkers disrupt war machine

Port worker unions in France and Italy recently protested and struck, keeping Saudi ships from being loaded with weapons bound for attacks on Yemen.
In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, supporters of United Front Against Fascism and Coalition Against Nazis stand up to the Aryan Nations.

Nazi militias down home

Written in 1995 after the Oklahoma City bombing, this article explores how fascist-inspired “patriots” are created.
Ministers, who number 751 in total, vote during a session of the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

The far right makes gains, but fails in bid to control EU Parliament

Despite a well-orchestrated attempt, the ultra-nationalistic, anti-immigrant Identity and Democracy coalition failed to win control of the EU Parliament in May's elections.
Heinz-Christian Strache

Corruption brings down Austria’s hard-right vice chancellor

In a thumping for the far right and an upset for the government, Austria’s vice chancellor was compelled to resign over corruption that surfaced in mid-May.
View of the beach and ocean from above the Punta Catalina coal thermal power plant and port.

Fouling paradise

Coal plant in Dominican Republic built despite “March of the Million.”
Poet Nellie Wong at home

“When my world opened” – Why I joined the Freedom Socialist Party

“I was too busy already. Married. Me, an activist? A thinker, a doer? An organizer?” Bay Area poet Nellie Wong describes her journey into radical politics.
Oil tanker in the ocean

Oil, not nukes, behind Iran war threats

“National security” is the Big Lie from the White House regarding war with Iran. Don't believe it — control of Middle East oil resources is what it’s all about.
Former Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, and Donald Trump.

No country for young women and girls

Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking exposes the moral sewer of the filthy rich.
Sleeping quarters on Manus Island

No Friend but the Mountains

A Kurdish refugee from Iran lays bare Australian detention cruelties.
An FBI agent

Letters to the Editor, August 2019

Readers’ opinion on Freedom Socialist articles.

Homeless folks on campus — a humanity check

A union shop steward discusses how his college campus is dealing with issues around homelessness.