Freedom Socialist Newspaper

Vol. 41, No. 3 (June – July 2020)

A woman wears a mask that says "Condition Critical"

The cure is in our hands

Dr. Susan Williams’ searing exposé of privatized healthcare shows why a nationalized system under workers control is the “only option that makes sense.”
A man holds up a sign reading "OUR HEALTH IS JUST AS ESSENTIAL"

Low-wage workers rebel against abuse

Overwhelmed workers, most of them low-wage women, immigrants and people of color, are protesting loudly. And they’re bringing unions and communities together to take up the fight.
Two military combat ships cruise together.

Trump sends warships in bid to unseat Maduro

Long-suffering Venezuelan workers want neither a U.S. takeover nor Maduro’s dictatorial rule. What they need is international solidarity to counteract U.S. military threats and sanctions.
Farmworkers in daily peril

Farmworkers in daily peril

In the middle of an historic pandemic, the government has rightly declared farmworkers essential to the food supply chain. As
Woman with sign reading "LEAVE NO BILLIONAIRE BEHIND"

Bailouts rob the public to give to the rich

A clear-eyed report on how $8 trillion of public funds for Covid-19 aid went mostly to big corporations and millionaires. Token relief went to families, individuals, and truly small businesses.
US sanctions block aid and wreak havoc

US sanctions block aid and wreak havoc

USA sanctions against numerous countries are designed to cripple nations economically that defy US dictates. They constitute warfare on civilians, especially the poorest and most oppressed.
The planet Earth from space.

A socialist feminist response to Covid-19

Nine straightforward demands that will be helpful to all those organizing for human need in the face of pandemic misery and government failures.
In Argentina: quarantine, poverty, and repression

In Argentina: quarantine, poverty, and repression

An eye-witness report on how the Argentine government is using the pandemic to collapse the public healthcare system, fire workers, rescue big business, and repress growing protest.
People in a hallway, receding in the distance, holding signs. The one in front reads "SET US FREE"

First Nations, immigrants, and refugees fight for survival

Australia’s most vulnerable — Aboriginal people, migrants, and refugees— get the least help, are the sickest, and jailed for failing to distance or protesting on behalf of trapped prisoners.
A tale of two pandemics

A tale of two pandemics

Murderous prejudice, healthcare for profit, capitalist ineptitude — it all happened during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Fightback lessons learned then illuminate the way forward now.
A car protest: two people in facemasks look out the window of a car. The side on the side reads "the working class is the essential class."

Educate, agitate, and organize

Freedom Socialist Party members join co-workers to fight for safety and economic security, as the Party offers unique analysis on the pandemic, its unequal effect on people of color, and capitalist economics.
A crucial time for the free press

A crucial time for the free press

Truth-telling, independent media is acutely threatened, especially now. We are very grateful for your generous support of our FS spring fund drive. Do donate, if you haven’t already!
Shout out to intrepid women warriors

Shout out to intrepid women warriors

The global upsurge of feminist organizing the past few years is stunning. Numerous organizations across the Americas, Europe and beyond are in border-busting collaboration.
On a store shelf are standard size bottles of Purel marked at $60 and $40.

Empower workers, not profiteers

As the government’s chaotic response to Covid-19 proves, empowered working people, not millionaires, must run the economy. That’s the point of socialism.