10-point program

of the Freedom Socialist Party

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1. No free ride for the wealthy. Open corporate books. • Nationalize banking and insurance under management by workers’ committees. • Repeal tax cuts for the rich. Replace sales and homeowner property taxes with corporate taxes and a steeply graduated income tax.

2. Prioritize health and housing. Expropriate Big Pharma. • Create a national public health system, controlled by workers, to provide free, quality care to all, regardless of immigration status. • Restore the right to an abortion — free, safe, and on demand. Reproductive justice for all, including LGBTQ+ people, youth, and those with disabilities. • Make quality housing universally available. Expand quality public housing and rent control. • No evictions, no foreclosures, no homeless sweeps.

3. Save public education. Use taxes on corporate profits to fund free, universal, multicultural public education through college or trade school. • Cancel existing student debt.

4. Raise workers’ standard of living. Eliminate restrictions on union organizing and the right to strike, regardless of a worker’s immigrant status or type of employer. • Boost the federal minimum wage to a generous standard, with automatic cost-of-living hikes. • Reduce hours of work and end forced overtime with no loss of income. • Enforce job safety. • Institute price controls to combat inflation. • Prioritize economic aid for people without shelter, people of color including Native communities, immigrants, women, and LGBTQ+ people.

5. End inequality based on gender, race, and sexuality. Equal pay for equal work. • Reintroduce affirmative action. • Educate, employ and empower chronically underemployed Black youth. • End racial gerrymandering. • Full civil rights for LGBTQ+ people, especially trans people under concerted attack.

6. Support children and seniors. Establish free, quality, 24-hour childcare and expand home healthcare at increased wages. • Restore and enlarge Aid to Families with Dependent Children and social services for the elderly and people with disabilities. • Raise Social Security benefits to cover actual living costs.

7. Guarantee civil liberties. Defend free speech and freedom of association. • Uphold voting rights. • Slash police budgets. • Abolish private prisons. Vastly reduce the prison population and pay inmates a wage comparable to work on the outside.

8. Redirect war spending. Close overseas military bases. • Use the Pentagon’s nearly $900 billion budget to provide needed social programs, repair ecological damage, and transition to sustainable energy. • End U.S. military aid to human rights violators like Israel and Colombia.

9. Protect the planet. Slash fossil fuel emissions. • Nationalize all spheres of the energy industry under workers’ control. • Full compensation through corporate taxation to victims of the climate crisis.

10. For international solidarity and revolutionary socialism. Open the borders to economic, war, and climate refugees. • For opposition to imperialist war and an alliance of workers across borders.

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