2013 Freedom Socialist $100,000 Fund Drive

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What’s your passion? At the Freedom Socialist, we’re passionate about ferreting out news you can use; positively obsessed with reporting on the trials, tribulations, and victories of working folks across the globe; and fervent about wielding the pen (metaphorically speaking) to change the world.

It’s important work — and it’s work we can’t do without your support! Today, we’re asking you to put your money where your mind is — and donate to the FS $100,000 Fund Drive.

For over 40 years this socialist feminist publication has delivered hard-hitting, anti-corporate news and analysis you just won’t find anywhere else. Our activist-writers have consistently gone the extra mile to get the stories no mainstream media will cover — including community organizing to save City College of San Francisco, rising opposition to coal export terminals, and international drives to free political prisoners like Lynne Stewart, Bradley Manning, and Mumia Abu-Jamal. Interviews with unionist and revolutionary Henry Noble and with Honduran gay rights organizer Pepe Palacios are unique pieces you won’t be reading in Time magazine or, dare we say it, hearing on NPR.

And at a time when the corporate media portrays women as victims of violence for entertainment or as adolescent fantasies to sell everything from cars to soft drinks, the consistent feminist lens through which the FS sees the world brings clarity and relief. The FS not only highlights the fight for female liberation — from the demand for childcare to the special issues and leadership of women of color and immigrant women — but it also explains how this fight is at the core of creating a better world on this planet, for all of us.

Regular readers of the FS know they can count on us. And whether you are one of them, or only newly introduced to the paper, we hope we can count on you. Every dime raised in this June-September drive will be spent wisely, and pinched twice to stretch it further! Contributions go directly to the writing and producing of the FS, its printing at a union shop, and postage. Most of the staff is volunteer, like I am, but we want our managing editor and production guru to be able to keep body and soul together!

Capitalist-run periodicals make well over half their income from advertising by their corporate brethren. The FS relies on people who value what we do instead. Income from donations lets us keep the paper affordable for workers, students, retirees, the unemployed, and strikers — and free for prisoners.

And the FS is also online at www.socialism.com, where thousands of people each week find bonus features including statements on breaking events and additional articles in Spanish.

We need your help to keep the presses humming and the Web site well-stocked with the careful reporting, keen analysis, humor, and optimism that mark the FS. Times are tough for most people. But our readers have always come through. So please, give as generously as you can. Any amount — from $5 to $500 — will be appreciated and put to good use.

It’s easy to donate! Send your check to Freedom Socialist, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118,. If you would like to become a sustaining contributor via a regular pledge — a Friend of the FS — let us know!

We know your money is hard-earned. Every penny will go directly to maintain the FS tradition of truth-telling, movement-building journalism. Thank you for your support!

In solidarity,

Margaret Viggiani, FS Business Manager

P.S. This year, we are offering two special subscription deals during the fund drive: two years for $10 (two years for the price of one!) or a one-year subscription for $7 (save $3). If you’re mailing us a donation, let us know you’re adding one of these amounts for a subscription.

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