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True essence

The Freedom Socialist article you published, “Let’s get real about the Democratic Party” [Vol 39, No. 4] is a magnificent piece of journalism.

I suggest that you spread it far and wide in Central America. Generally, in Latin America we do not know a lot about the true essence of the two major parties in the United States and the interests they represent.

I look forward to receiving future articles.

Greetings from Guatemala. The struggle continues here, and our demands remain: ¡Por Guatemala, la Revolución y el Socialismo!

Luis Humberto, Guatemala


It’s the program

The article by Sam Rubin, “Why I joined the FSP: The comradeship is real” [Vol. 39, No. 4] explains how to use a bold revolutionary program to patiently recruit from the social movements.

Congratulations to the FSP and the author.

Hugo Cedeño, Dominican Republic


United we stand

In addition to being a proud chapter of the Redneck Revolt network, we’d like to state our affiliation with the West Coast Community Defense.

Together, we announce that we have committed to a partnership to aid each other in abolishing fascism, white supremacy, anti-LGBTQ+ hate, misogyny, Islamophobia, and bigotry of all types.

This alliance, called West Coast Community Defense, is a partnership of armed community defense organizations and was born from the understanding that hate groups are not just a local phenomenon, but often travel far and wide to attack our communities. In the face of increasingly widespread organized bigotry by the far-right, networking with like-minded folk is crucial to defending our neighborhoods, loved ones, and places of worship. Recognizing that our struggles are intimately connected, we will provide mutual aid to each other when needed.

As guidelines for our organizing, West Coast Community Defense has agreed to follow and abide by the Torch Network’s Points of Unity:

We disrupt fascist and far-right organizing and activity.

We don’t rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us.

We oppose all forms of oppression and exploitation. We support abortion rights and reproductive freedom. We want a classless, free society.

We hold ourselves accountable personally and collectively to live up to our ideals and values.

We not only support each other, but we also support people outside the network who we believe have similar aims. An attack on one is an attack on all.

Desert Workers’ Collective; PDX Armed Against Hate; Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club


Appeal continues

In late August, political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal and his legal team won a 60-day continuance in the bid to overturn his wrongful conviction for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer.

Help is needed. Check out www.freemumia.com for info on how to get involved.

Anne Swift, Seattle


Analysis is wrong

You are hereby supporting U.S. regime change operations in Nicaragua [“Government repression fuels Nicaraguan revolt,” Vol 39, No. 3]. Tragic that this is where your analysis leads you.

This is not a workers revolt. It is largely led by right-wing groups, some of whom have been funded and cultivated by the U.S. government.

Who do you think would come to power in Nicaragua after Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas?

Gerry Condon via email


Accountability needed

A great article from David Schmauch [“New bill propels movement for NYPD accountability.” Vol. 39, No. 4].

Isaac Baroi, Atlanta

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