A Robin Hood program for working-class survival

A woman holds a sign that reads:
A protest called by Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity demands respect, safety, and hazard pay for grocery workers. PHOTO: Doug Barnes / FS
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Take from the rich and the Pentagon…

Expropriate Big Pharma and nationalize the entire healthcare industry under workers’ control.

No “stimulus” for billionaires and Fortune 500 companies. Rescind the 2020 bailouts of Wall Street, the banks, and multinational corporations. No pandemic-related profiteering. Open the corporate books.

Expropriate the private banks and create one national public bank.

Repeal the past decades’ tax cuts for the rich. Replace unfair, regressive taxes like sales taxes with a steeply graduated tax on income and profits. Tax all corporate and investment income, including capital gains and dividends. Close tax loopholes and eliminate taxpayer subsidies for big business.

Dismantle the imperialist U.S. war machine and slash police budgets. Close overseas military bases, bring the troops home, and end all U.S. military aid.

To save workers and those hardest hit by economic blows

Make all medical care free and universal for all U.S. residents, regardless of immigration status.

Create full employment. Reduce hours of work with no cut in pay to employ more people while reducing their potential exposure to the coronavirus. Launch an immediate, multimillion-person public jobs and training program to combat the pandemic, aid in environmental repair, implement a speedy transition away from fossil fuels, and meaningfully re-employ former soldiers. Put people safely to work producing and transporting vaccines and medical supplies, carrying out privacy-protected contact tracing, and supporting research and virus testing.

Educate, employ and empower Black youth. Create a pipeline to jobs, not jails.

Dramatically ramp up production of tested and approved vaccines for immediate, widespread, free distribution. Include hard-hit communities of color and tribal nations among the first receivers.

Expand unemployment insurance to provide a guaranteed living wage for everyone who is jobless until full employment is reached. Include gig workers, the self-employed, farmworkers, and workers in the informal economy, without regard to immigration status.

Require employers to provide virus protection on the job and give hazard pay to frontline workers.

Make equal pay a reality and reintroduce affirmative action.

Provide immediate infusions of cash for struggling small businesses and family farms. Prioritize economic help for people without shelter, immigrants, people of color including Native communities, women, seniors, and LGBTQ+ people. Cancel student debt. Suspend debt payments for working-class consumers and small businesses.

Establish free, quality, 24-hour childcare and expanded home healthcare, with higher wages for providers and strict observance of pandemic protections. Offer free laptops, home Wi-Fi, and lunch programs for students whose schools are closed or operating remotely. Free, nutritious, quality food aid for low-income households as needed.

Restore and increase Aid to Families with Dependent Children and social services for the elderly and people with physical disabilities and mental illnesses.

Boost the federal minimum wage to a generous livable standard, with automatic cost-of-living hikes.

Raise Social Security benefits to cover actual living costs.

Cancel rent and mortgage payments, including back payments, for those unable to bear the expense. Provide assistance for “mom and pop” landlords as needed. No evictions, no foreclosures, no homeless sweeps. House those without shelter. Create vastly expanded quality public housing.

Fully observe the rights of strikers, union organizers, and protesters.

Extend international solidarity. Suspend payments of foreign debt by poorer countries. Distribute food aid and medical supplies to countries in need at no charge. Collaborate internationally on virus treatment and vaccine research without profit-based competition or restrictions. End U.S. sanctions. Open the borders; artificial boundaries offer no defense against the virus.

For a socialist society. Make human needs the driver of production and distribution of goods and services. Eliminate the profit motive underlying the destruction of a habitable planet and systemic sexism, racism, homophobia and xenophobia. Give workers decision-making power over how society is run. Shared abundance for all.

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