Billionaires back Nikki Haley

Disguised as a moderate, Haley is a true daughter of the Confederacy, funded by the Koch family and other far-right donors who are not big fans of the current front-runner. Haley courts old-school Republican voters but modulates her criticism of Trump — so far.

In some conservative circles Nikki Haley has eclipsed Ron DeSantis as the candidate who could beat Donald Trump. PHOTO: Brian Snyder / Reuters
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While governor in South Carolina, Nikki Haley bragged of her state’s right-to-work laws and her anti-union stance. She told Boeing not to bring their unions if they moved there. And Boeing executives gleefully agreed. She later took in $300,000 and a wad of Boeing stock for serving on their board of directors for one year. She’s a real corporate shill.

The political network Americans for Prosperity — founded by the billionaire Koch brothers — has endorsed Haley in the hope that she could win the independent and moderate voters that Trump can’t. Throwing their money and powerful voter outreach organization behind her helps their efforts to push the GOP past Trump or at least get Haley a spot on the ticket as Vice President or position her for a 2028 presidential run.

Rich bigwigs pitch in

Trying to appeal to the two main factions of Republicans, Haley spoke at both the Conservative Political Action Caucus (CPAC) conference — and won their backing — and at a Club for Growth donors’ event. Billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller, metals mogul Andy Sabin, and Spencer Zwick of private equity firm Solamere Capital have all backed Haley. Other deep-pocketed backers are Harold Hamm of Continental Resources (shale fracking), Jim Davis of New Balance and investment banker Aryeh Bourkoff. Even JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon urged business leaders and “liberal Democrats” to support her.

Haley’s husband Michael Haley, a National Guard major, is currently deployed to the Horn of Africa. He has founded two military weapons consulting companies, Allied Defense and Ikor Systems. Their questionable financial practices have boosted the couples’ net worth to $8 million. This fits well with her pro-Zionist stance and her calls for more weapons to Israel, “eliminating” Hamas, and pulling government funding from universities where staff or students hold protests supporting Palestine.

Moderate masquerade

She is young and a woman of color, a perfect candidate to put up against Biden if Trump is disqualified. Her not-Trump camouflage is excellent cover. The reality is Haley’s union-busting, anti-immigrant, homo-phobic, anti-transgender, anti-abortion credentials basically agree with Trump’s and the Americans for Prosperity’s agenda.

As U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, she focused on anti-Russia and anti-China posturing and vowed to keep America the biggest global power. This constitutes her entire foreign policy experience.

On the day after she announced her run for president Haley said, “Voter (photo) ID will be the law of the land — just like we did in South Carolina.” Speaking at a CNN Town Hall in June 2023, Haley viciously implied that “biological boys in girls’ locker rooms” caused “a third of teenage girls to consider suicide.” When asked what caused the Civil War, she failed to mention slavery, then quickly issued a statement to answer the social media storm of protest.

Her position on abortion bans has varied widely. As governor she pushed for an abortion ban with no exception for rape or incest. Now she calls for states to make their own decision and come to a national consensus. Vague enough to please almost anyone.

Nikki Haley’s only difference from Trump is in her style, not substance.

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