Criticism does not equal antisemitism

Cartoonist Steve Bell at a Labour Party Conference in 2016. PHOTO: rwendland
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As outrage over the horrendous Zionist siege of Gaza spreads, so do accusations of antisemitism by Israel’s ride-or-die supporters, who label critics as Jew-haters.

On October 19, the Guardian newspaper fired longtime editorial cartoonist Steve Bell (shown above) for caricaturing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu preparing to cut a Gaza-shaped incision in his abdomen, with the caption “Residents of Gaza, get out now.” Bell said he was accused of the far-fetched notion of evoking the “pound of flesh” demanded by the Jewish character Shylock in Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice.

Journalists are also being fired, not for their reporting, but for their opinions.

Sports reporter Jackson Frank was let go by because of pro-Palestinian tweets.

Zahraa Al-Akhrass was dismissed by Canada’s Global News for social media posts about Palestinian suffering. Issam Adwan, an Associated Press Gaza reporter, was suspended because of posts criticizing Israel as an apartheid regime.

In England, the BBC is investigating six Arab journalists for alleged “anti-Israel bias” on social platforms.

These examples are only the tip of a very large iceberg threatening to freeze dissent.

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