Defend all immigrants & keep families together – no to ICE!

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Thousands have hit the streets to mount protests and occupy ICE offices to demand an end to Trump’s “zero tolerance” policies and separation of immigrant children from their parents at the U.S. southern border. It’s time we say zero tolerance to the draconian policies of the bully-in-chief!

Almost daily, lawmakers have announced modifications to official immigration policy affecting the refugee families who risk their lives to enter the U.S., though none of these supposed changes have made any real difference. Around 2,000 children remain in indefinite detention separated from their parents. Many parents have already been deported without knowing the whereabouts of their children. Children have been dispersed nationally to Nazi-like detention centers, profit-making shelters, foster care, and soon military bases. Caged like animals and forced to sleep on warehouse floors, they lack basic necessities and face abuses, including psychotropic drugs and orders not to hug each other. No hugs – this is scandalous!

Outrage and massive demonstrations forced Trump to rescind the family separation policy. But repressive policies persist as refugees continue to be demonized and criminalized, even as they seek asylum from the unlivable conditions of their home countries. Conditions caused by the decades of U.S. power-grabbing policies driven by both Republicans and Democrats have led to loss of jobs and land, mass poverty, corruption and violence throughout Central and Latin America. As another deep economic downturn threatens the U.S., capitalism has a crisis it can’t fix. Trump’s racist policies and vicious scapegoating of refugees are desperate attempts by the ruling class to prop itself up.

Meanwhile, the country’s lawmakers give free reign to multinationals to move their goods and money across borders, but they treat migrants and refugees as criminals when they cross into the United States. Workers demand the same rights as corporations to move freely over borders.

Xenophobic policies and the militarization on both sides of the border can only be stopped by a united movement of immigrants, unionists, leftists and all communities under attack. The enemies of immigrants are the same powers-that-be who allow cops to kill Black youth with impunity and send nearly $4 billion per year to Israel, funding the genocide of Palestinian people.

Our outrage needs to go beyond one-off demonstrations, to sustained mass organizing aimed at closing the institutions of repression. All out on June 30th for massive national protests to demand an end to Trump’s brutal policies and family separations! Abolish ICE! Down with the ban on travelers from the majority-Muslim countries of Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen and Somalia as well as North Korea and Venezuela.

  • End detention, criminalization and in-humane treatment of all immigrants; immediately reunify families.
  • Unconditional legalization with full labor and civil rights for all immigrants.
  • Open the borders!
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