Excerpts from F.S.P. Statement on Black Power

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Support Black Power — Defend Civil Rights Militants

The concept of Black Power has been used as an excuse for a national campaign against the Negro militants and a national conspiracy to destroy SNCC.

Bayard Rustin says he is “for” Black Power — “but not like the SNCC and CORE.” Dr. King is “for” Black Power — bu strictly to turn the other cheek.

The American Nazi Rockwell attacks Black Power in order to organize racists in the white Christian middle class and motorcycle gangs for fascism.

The Philadelphia police use it as an excuse to frame up SNCC leaders with planted dynamite, and Carmichael is jailed in Atlanta for “inciting to riot.”

What is Black Power?

Stokely Carmichael defined Black Power as neither a slogan nor a specific tactic. It is, rather, symbolic of a new leadership in the Civil Rights Movement which has finally rejected the illusion that victory over the racist police states in the South can be won with love or confidence in the Federal Government.

The program of this new leadership appears to be the following:

1: For Black leadership of the Negro Movement.

2. Against the white power structure: Negroes to have a fair share of the power: “Break the white stranglehold on the Negro community.”

3. An all-out struggle against racial discrimination and segregation — but no integration into the “American Dream.”

4. No support to U.S. war in Vietnam — for international solidarity with the colonial revolution.

5. For the right of the Civil Rights Movement to defend itself — arms in hand if necessary — against the racists.

The Freedom Socialist Party of Washington hails this promising development. We call upon supporters of human freedom to express their solidarity with Black Power and defend its authors and supports against the present prosecution.

What is the Freedom Socialist Party?

The struggle of Negros for freedom was central in the decision to form the FSP. Freedom from racial oppression can never be won so long as the white, capitalist power structure stands, yet none of the traditional socialist organizations have been able to relate itself to this revolutionary struggle.

We call for a regroupment of the revolutionary socialist movement and a regeneration of socialist theory and thought. Recognizing that the Negro movement is objectively motivated toward a new and different social system, we support the struggle for Black freedom in the context of the general working class aspiration for socialism.

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