Freedom Socialist $100,000 Fund Drive

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With the support of its readers, the Freedom Socialist (FS) is on a roll. As of mid-May, donors have contributed a stupendous $75,517 to the newspaper’s March-June fundraising campaign. Muchas gracias to everyone who has dug deep into their pockets to keep this voice of socialist feminism publishing.

It is a vast understatement to say that the news issuing from the mainstream media isn’t good these days. The U.S. has a right-wing Congress and a sexist, racist oligarch in the White House — and the corporate media itself is part of the problem. Things aren’t much better (and often even worse) in other countries.

But readers of the FS know there is another, brighter side to the reality of the day. An angry, multihued, variously gendered and mobilized working class is stretching its collective muscles and shaking things up. The likes of CNN and The New York Times may ignore, fret over, trivialize, or mock this development, but the FS understands how positive and important it is!

A grass-roots survival effort. It probably comes as no surprise the FS doesn’t receive subsidies from the government or big business. Instead, it’s people who appreciate the newspaper’s combination of ideas and activism who keep this ship of anti-state afloat.

The response to the fund drive has been immediate, humorous, inventive and inspiring, both from Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) members and many other friends of the paper. A veritable army of volunteers has been donating their precious labor time and their hard-earned cash. Along with checks in the mail come expressions of gratitude such as “thanks for all you do in these trying times” and “keep up the good fight.” These mean a lot!

Over the past two and a half months, a myriad of events have included movie nights in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City combining fundraising with nitty-gritty discussions about organizing. In fact, despite a mini-monsoon in the Big Apple, an intrepid crew came to see The Other Side of Immigration, stayed to exchange political perspectives and news about actions, and gave generously.

Melbourne FSP hosted a talk by visiting Bay Area union activist and feminist Nancy Reiko Kato. “Living and Resisting in Trump’s America” drew a crowd of supporters interested to hear her analysis of why The Donald won and to learn more about the movement of outrage it has sparked.

The Seattle branch sponsored a forum on “Unions vs. Trump’s Agenda: How Can Labor Take the Offensive?” It turned out to be a dynamic exchange among three union panelists and an audience eager to talk about the problems and potential of the labor movement today and to find ways to get involved. The speakers, all activists, were happy to provide some!

Of course, the drive also relies on a cornucopia of creative but perhaps less lofty money-raisers — like playing piano and crooning standards at a party, quilting handbags, and making marmalade, salsa, banana bread and specialty tea blends.

Join the final push. With continued support the drive will reach and surpass its goal. The paper has no paid advertising and sells for about half the actual cost so that it can be affordable for everyone. Your help will keep the presses rolling and the FSP website stocked with careful reporting, well-honed analysis, humor and optimism.

Click here to contribute online or mail a check to Freedom Socialist, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118. To donate a talent or lend a hand, call 206-722-2453 or email The FS is relying on you, as we hope you rely on us!

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