George Bush: our CIA man in the White House

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Ronald Reagan’s eight-year romp as president is finally over. What a party it was for Big Business and freeloading politicians who ate, drank and raped the country while Ronnie clowned in public with corny one-liners. Now, guess who’s getting the bill?


And guess who’s coming to collect?

George Bush, the Repo Man.

Mind you, Bush dreads the political consequences of reneging on his major campaign promise of no tax hikes. But slowly, reluctantly, with practiced anguish in his voice, George Bush, the man who cares, will be forced — against his will, of course — to ask for increased taxes, further cuts in social services and education. For behind the insipid exterior, with its designer glasses and affected compassion, lies a monster.

Whereas Reagan was a nightmare, Bush can terrify you while you’re wide awake. Even more than his predecessor, Bush personifies “the banality of evil.”

Consider the following:

• Bush was CIA chief during Ford’s administration. This is no modest administrative job. Bush was in charge of dope traffic, international arms deals, torture and death squads. George was CEO of Global Murder, Inc.

• On a 1981 trip to the Philippines, Vice President Bush toasted despot Ferdinand Marcos: “We love your adherence to democratic principles.”

• Also as vice president, Bush met at least three times with Felix Rodriguez, former CIA operative and veteran of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. Donald Gregg, Bush’s national security adviser, sent Rodriguez to El Salvador in 1985 to coordinate the gunrunning to the contras. But Bush denies knowing anything about it; the subject just never came up.

• During his 1988 campaign, Bush utilized the National Coalition of American Nationalities to win the ethnic vote. By “ethnic,” he did not mean Blacks and Jews. At least seven members of the coalition reportedly resigned when exposed as Nazi collaborators, anti-Semites or apologists of fascism.

• As president, Bush continues to seek “humanitarian” aid to the contras. And he continues to send arms to the rightwing guerrillas in Afghanistan, despite the Soviet withdrawal, and covert military aid to UNITA forces trying to overthrow Angola’s legal government — undermining a ceasefire that Angola recently wrested from South Africa.

• Bush maintains a staunch opposition to abortion rights and urges right-to-lifers to keep up the good work.

• His program for labor calls for “a thousand points of light” — volunteers who will work without pay.

• Bush proposes issuing $50 billion in bonds to postpone the crisis of the corrupt savings-and-loan institutions. The interest debt will be staggering for taxpayers — and their children’s children. Bush’s general financial strategy will be this kind of deferred payment scheme.

• Bush backs the proposal of Jack Kemp, his Housing and Urban Development Secretary, to create “urban enterprise zones,” with business taxes low and minimum-wage requirements waived in order to attract capital investment. As a legislator, Kemp voted consistently to gut the budget of the agency he now supervises.

• The new president’s other appointments are equally obscene. His failed bid to install John Tower as secretary of defense exposed Tower elbow-deep in the defense contracts cookie jar, though headline-makers focused instead on Tower’s salaciousness and insobriety. Bush’s next choice, hard-line hawk, rightwinger, and contra cheerleader Dick Cheney, was approved without a hitch.

Make no mistake, Bush is deadly. The interests he represents and protects can only be secured at the expense of working people.

He’ll try to strip us of every means we’ve got to defend ourselves, from the Bill of Rights to our union contracts.

Forget about reading his lips. Keep your eyes on your wallet and your civil rights.

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