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The Art of Analogy

“The act of deserting the home in order to shape society is like thoughtlessly removing crucial fingers from an imperiled dike to teach people how to swim.”

— Elder Neal A. Maxwell at an April, 1978 Mormon conference.

That’s thoughtless? Sounds good to this social swimmer. And if the home is an imperiled dike, how long can it remain a man’s castle?

Mathematics for the Millions

Kate Rand Lloyd, editor-in-chief of Working Women, says her magazine is aimed at the estimated 37% of working women to whom a job means a career, not just a paycheck.

“The huddled masses, the 80%, don’t spend $1.25 for a magazine,” she said in Seattle on March 8.

The lady has arrived at a total of 117%, and we wonder what the extra 17% are up to — those who neither work nor huddle.

Household Hint

Having trouble starting a fire in your fireplace? Try using a Pinto gas tank to get it going, then toss in a Firestone tire to make sure it doesn’t stop.

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