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Keep pressure on

The timing of your email is great. I am in Texas visiting Lynne and this news of the continued spreading of the news about her plight really lifted her spirits.

She was tired from the chemo but she perked right up with this bit of news. Keep the pressure on and we thank you.

Ralph Poynter, New York, NY

Editor’s note: The email passed on the good news that Z magazine had posted the FS column calling for Stewart to be released from prison for health reasons.

In grave danger

In early May the warden of Carswell FCI agreed to forward the compassionate release petition to the DOJ. The time to increase the heat is now.

Imagine you are 74 years old, wearing ten pounds of shackles from ankle to ankle, up to your hands and around your waist, while traveling on a prison bus to get chemotherapy for stage four lung cancer treatment. The odds of beating this type of cancer are very bad; they get a whole lot worse in a Texas prison.

Lynne Stewart’s spirit is strong but the chemotherapy has made her weak. Her life is in grave danger, and she needs your help. As Lynne herself quipped “Well, getting old ain’t for sissies nor is chemo.”

Compassion demands that Lynne Stewart be released immediately from prison so she and her family can fight for her life.

The government has until now not succeeded in silencing Lynne Stewart, but without your immediate assistance, they might succeed in killing her.

Please take a moment to join Pete Seeger, Desmond Tutu, Dick Gregory and thousands of others.

Take action now! Sign the petition at! Get ten of your friends to sign the petition for compassionate release today.

Excerpted from

Promote petition campaign

We are gratified to report that on May 13 that Federal Bureau of Prisons General Counsel Kathleen Kenney telephoned to advise that a recommendation of Compassionate Release for Lynne Stewart from FMC Carswell Warden Jody R. Upton is on the desk of FBP Director Charles E. Samuels, Jr.

We call upon all to intensify our collective efforts and expand the Petition Campaign as this life and death decision for Lynne Stewart is pending.

Our grateful thanks to all for your dedication and commitment in waging this struggle for justice, compassion and freedom for Lynne Stewart.

The International Petition Campaign to Free Lynne Stewart and Save Her Life

Editor’s note: As we go to press more pressure is needed to win Stewart’s freedom. Please sign and promote the petition at


A critical issue

Mark Drummond, I want to thank you for writing the article Global Warming and the Seas [Vol. 34, No. 2]. Also thank you FSP, for publishing it.

This issue is one of the most critical facing the world today. If we do not act on this, every other issue will become moot, as human society will be destroyed along with the environment that sustains our existence.

Cicada Brokaw Dennis, Asheville, NC


Not improving

The jobs report released May 3 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the labor market added 165,000 jobs in April 2013 and that the unemployment rate hardly budged, moving just six-hundredths of a percentage point, from 7.57 percent to 7.51 percent. This means there were enough jobs to keep the unemployment rate stable, but not much more.

While this report would be fine in good times, at a time of persistent economic weakness, it represents an ongoing disaster. Further, labor force participation held steady in April at 63.3 percent, its low of the downturn and far below its prerecession rate of 66.0 percent in December 2007.

In her analysis, EPI economist Heidi Shierholz notes that even though we are adding jobs, the labor force participation rate is not improving because it is still a very difficult environment for job seekers, with unemployment well over 7 percent, underemployment at 13.9 percent, and 37.4 percent of job seekers unemployed for more than six months.

The workers who are out of the labor force due to weak job opportunities will not join the labor force in large numbers until job prospects are strong enough that they won’t face months of fruitless job search.

Economic Policy Institute news release


Diligent efforts appreciated

Comrades in struggle, I have found myself remiss for not getting word out to you commending you for the diligent efforts you put into getting out the word to us held captive behind enemy lines.

You know that you are appreciated for including me, a political prisoner held in exile against his will, on your subscriber list.

I do hope all is well with every one of your staff and sponsors and that success in all you aspire to do and endeavor will be yours.

Until, I am, I remain, in protracted human rights liberation struggle.

Sekou Cinque T. M. Kambui, s/n William J. Turk #113058, Unit A1-25A, BCCF, 565 Bibb Lane, Brent, AL 35034

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