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See you in D.C.

The Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action, July 28-31 in Washington, D.C., is gaining support from parents, teachers, students, and working people across the country. Teachers’ unions in eleven states, including Massachusetts, Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida and California have endorsed the mobilization and July actions. We urge everyone to join the Union Roll Call campaign and contact your trade union locals to endorse this important effort to take back our public schools!

Excitement is building for the Save Our Schools conference at American University, July 28-29. Register for the conference here. The conference will include keynote addresses and numerous workshops on organizing for education justice and worker and family rights, including one by Radical Women on feminism and the struggle for the rights of teachers and public workers.

The Save Our Schools Congress, scheduled for July 31, will be open to all registrants interested in assuming essential, central, organizational, and leadership roles as we continue to work toward meeting our demands.

The July 30 rally and march on the national mall promises to be a historic demonstration of solidarity in the struggle for education, family and worker rights. We hope to see you there!

SOS Organizing Committee


Homeowners unite

If you are facing foreclosure, you are not alone! We are a growing coalition of concerned homeowners who are all in some form of “housing hell.” We’re organizing to help ourselves and others to understand the foreclosure process, and to know our rights, options, and how to fight back.

Knowledge is power and there is strength in numbers!

We gather to share information, provide moral support, and discuss actions.

There are homeowner meetings at 6:30pm in Ballard the first Thursday of the month ( and in Fife the second Thursday (

Call 425-606-4505 today and get support.

Karen Pooley, Seattle


Students end strike

I spoke with Gamelyn Oduardo, University of Puerto Rico (UPR) student leader, and learned the second strike initiated in December 2010 was over [Puerto Rican student strikers tour California, Vol. 31, No. 5].

Despite protests at UPR and the March 11 day of international solidarity, the students decided to end the strike. Devastating police repression — including beatings, sexual harassment of female strikers, arrests and forced removal from campus — had taken a large toll. In the end, UPR students were not able to stop the $800 tuition increase.

One of the greatest challenges for the students was the lack of substantial support from the labor movement in Puerto Rico and mainland United States. A general strike by union and non-union workers would have saved the strike and won student demands.

While some UPR professors, workers and the electrical workers’ union participated in the strike, it was not enough. Students can be a critical catalyst for radical change but they can’t do it alone.

The students appreciate all who sent donations, solidarity messages, and protest letters to the UPR Administration.

Yuisa Gimeno, Los Angeles


Resistance forces feds to back down

On May 6, 2011 the U.S. government froze the bank accounts of the Arab-American Action Network’s Executive Director in Chicago, Hatem Abudayyeh and his wife, Naima, who have not been charged with any crime . However, both were targeted in the series of sweeps conducted in late 2010 by the FBI and U.S. Justice Department against anti-war and Palestinian solidarity activists [FBI target Hatem Abudayyeh defends the right to dissent, Vol. 32, No. 2].

These raids are a test of a recent change in law that vastly expands the definition of providing “material support for terrorism.”

People across the nation called Chicago U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the driving force in this harassment, and the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, demanding the money be returned. On May 10, the bank stated they were issuing the Abudayyeh family a check for the value of their accounts, and that they no longer wanted to provide banking services to them.

Resistance and protest work! Contact the Committee to Stop FBI Repression and find out how you can protect our First Amendment rights.

Adrienne Weller, Seattle

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