Freedom Socialist Letters to the editor August 2015

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Illegally fired

The interview with Mick Parsons was a real eye-opener [Adjunct professors: academia’s overstressed, underpaid labor force, Vol. 36, No. 3].

Since the article was published, Parsons has been illegally fired because of his high profile activism to improve working conditions of adjuncts across the state of Kentucky.

He was fired less than two hours before his summer session class was to begin. And in a move that has been called unprecedented and wholly unjustified, he has been banned from teaching at ANY Kentucky Community and Technical College (KCTCS) campus across the state.

Please sign the online petition demanding his reinstatement. Tell the KCTCS administration they can’t silence activists.

M. A. Swift, Seattle


Refreshing editorial

I was impressed by the FS editorial reversing its position on Charlie Hebdo [Charlie Hebdo: we got it wrong, Vol. 36, No. 3]. How refreshing to see a newspaper actually admit it got something wrong!

Doug Noble, Rochester, N.Y.


Not ballot access

Your column, What’s Up (and down) with ballot access today, [Vol. 36, No. 2] is a good column and I agree with all your substantive points.

If you write about this again, I hope you will use the term voting rights, not ballot access.

Traditionally, ballot access refers to the ability of a party or a candidate to get on the ballot. Your column is about voting rights, and difficulties for voters to be able to register and to vote.

It’s a problem when a single term is used to mean two separate things.

Richard Winger, San Francisco


Social justice issues

The article Lois Danks wrote about the racist killings of Native Americans in South Dakota is well researched and appalling [Native Lives Matter campaign takes off in South Dakota, Vol. 36, No. 2].

The Freedom Socialist is a perfect forum to keep readers informed regarding social justice issues.

Did you happen to read about the Hondurans who are trying to have a public hearing with President Obama?

They were maimed riding the freight train from Mexico to Texas to escape massacre in Honduras. They are claiming refugee status, but are presently incarcerated in a for-profit prison in Texas and scheduled for deportation.

David Cowan, Port Angeles, Wash.


Socialist feminism needed

Andrea Bauer’s excellent article Cuba: crossroads for a revolution [Vol. 36, No. 2] notes that, “the question of how best to defend the revolution is a life-and-death matter for Cubans themselves. And it is one that, in the end, only they can answer.”

Bauer goes on to note, “Cubans cannot save their revolution by themselves.” Okay, that’s where we socialist feminists step in.

A socialist feminist message across Cuba would be a breath of fresh air to counter the nationalist Stalinist bureaucracy.

Probably few Cubans today know about the Freedom Socialist Party. The PCC would like to keep it this way. Injustice and exploitation, however, will only be tolerated for so long.

While some Cubans will turn to capitalism as an alternative to what they have now, many others, particularly women and Black Cubans, will be looking for a real alternative. What is today a small party may someday play a major role in shaping the history of an island whose revolution inspired countless oppressed peoples around the world.

Philip Davis, Columbia, S.C.

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