Freedom Socialist Letters to the Editor — December 2017

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Keep up the pressure

Monica Hill’s article in the October-November issue of the Freedom Socialist, “Anti-Nazis Overwhelm White Supremacists,” [Vol. 38, No. 5] was right on the mark. It was wrong of Socialist Action and Socialist Alternative, and others, to hold their anti-Nazi rally eight blocks away from where the Nazis were holding their rally.

At least for now, the anti-Nazi movement here in Los Angeles has driven the Nazis out of town by always showing up at the same location where the Nazis planned on gathering, and showing up in far greater numbers than the Nazis.

So the Nazis are, for now, too discouraged and frightened to stage protests here. Had we been showing up eight blocks away, I seriously doubt we would have been as successful as we have been.

Also, the notion that today’s Nazis are no more than “tiny groups of isolated and pathetic reactionaries” is truly dangerous thinking, thinking reminiscent of the way all too many Germans viewed the first stirrings of Nazis prior to World War II.

What we need now is just what the article’s author, Hill, advocated: A massive and united front movement that confronts these new neo-Nazis and neo-fascists directly, militantly, and with the understanding that there is no time to lose in this struggle.

Jim Lafferty, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles


Glimmer of hope

I am so pleased to know that a possible solution is near [“Mumia Abu-Jamal puts racist system on trial,” Vol. 38, No. 5].

Will continue to struggle for Freedom with Justice.

Colia Liddell LaFayette Clark, New York City


Taking on fracking

I lived in the Northwest for a number of years and was active in several actions on the reservation. I was glad to hear that people have taken up the fight [“Puyallup tribe and friends battle unsafe fracked gas plant,” Vol. 38, No. 4]. I’m not surprised by what Tacoma is doing. Will try to spread the news here among folks I know who connect to these issues. Keep up the good work.

M. Rapp, via email


Human trafficking

Thank you for calling out the immigration private prisons for what they are — human traffickers.

The way immigrants are locked up and used for free labor is reminiscent of police harassing and detaining (or worse) drivers and innocent people to fill ticket and arrest quotas.

These immigrant detainment shelters could be renovated and repurposed as housing for the homeless. They could be torn down and rebuilt as schools and playgrounds — all of which are often lacking in these rural areas.

More and more the target on the backs of people of color becomes apparent.

There were reports of Black families who were left behind by rescuers during Hurricane Harvey. The aftermath of Maria has left Puerto Rico completely destroyed and its people are dying. But the president of the “greatest country in the world” has stated the Puerto Rican people need to figure it out on their own.

Karla Alegria, Los Angeles

Corporate criminals

Muffy Sunde in her article “Locking up immigrants for profit: a case of human trafficking” [Vol 38, No. 5] puts to a lie the old adage that crime doesn’t pay, because crime most certainly does pay. For the corporations.

Anthony Valles, Los Angeles


Rent control not the answer

Rent control here in New York City has proven to be an expensive bureaucracy. Socialism must be simple and clear: build housing for the poor just like we build bridges and tunnels when needed.

Leandra Barbieri, New York City


Muslims in Myanmar

Your October-November 2017 issue was superb. Thank you for the article on Mumia Abu-Jamal. I am contacting Assistant District Attorney Kathleen Martin to demand release of all the documents. I will also be purchasing Mumia Abu-Jamal’s book Have Black Lives Ever Mattered? Free MUMIA NOW!

I am deeply concerned about the plight of the Muslims of Myanmar. The Buddhists (including the monks) have created ethnic cleansing against the peaceful Muslims. It is a humanitarian crisis!

The Muslims have been turned into refugees. I saw a Muslim mother on television who does not know if her husband is alive or dead. She has several children. Her two-year-old daughter was trying to comfort mum. So sweet and sad.

The new movie starring Judi Dench called Victoria and Abdul< is so racist. The British imperialists devastated the people of India. The film tried to portray Queen Victoria as a friend of the Indian people when the British Empire massacred innocent Indians.

Dmitri Popov, Tulsa, Okla.

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