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Chilean protester. PHOTO: Prensa Vegana
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Multi-issue movement

Thanks for the great article “Young women in Chile spur widespread revolt” [Vol. 39, No. 6].

I was a student in Valparaíso, Chile during that time and watched how the issue of sexual harassment on campus sparked and became a multi-issue mass movement.

I participated in occupying our university, demanding free-education, and a progressive curriculum.

Students organized feminist lecture clubs, panels, self-defense workshops and large marches. The movement included working-class women who demanded the unconditional right to abortion.

I participated in huge marches with thousands of women. The marches were non-violent, but nevertheless, they were marked by anger. Despite this, the police battalions, made up mostly of young men, used exaggerated and violent force to crack down on the demonstrations.

It seemed to me the cops were personally offended by the rebelling women, and their actions driven by hatred. My comrades stated that this kind of misogyny becomes highly visible as self-determined women challenge patriarchal structures and threaten existing male privileges.

Uli, Seattle


Influence on campus

Thank you for the excellent article “Invoking Gramsci to retreat from Revolution” [Vol 39, No. 5].

As a professor of political theory and a revolutionary, I have seen this phenomenon firsthand, and it is valuable to see it presented here in an elucidative way.

I remember students in my graduate seminar in Germany last year having difficulty answering the question of “What would a revolutionary university look like?” They were interested in revolution while addicted to success in the liberal state establishment.

One way that Gramsci came into play was with regard to his conception of ideology, or, the conception of ideology imputed to him.

Whereas Althusser proposed the repressive state apparatuses as existing in tandem with the ideological state apparatuses, students seemed to want to go to Gramsci because his theory seemed to lack a philosophy of direct confrontation of this ‘repressive apparatus.’ I wonder if someone at FSP would address Althusserian theory directly at some point.

Craig Schamel via web


Good work

Let me send positive, healthful, peaceful and hopeful Red Season’s Greetings!

I hope everyone is doing and feeling all right. The paper and your work overall is important, very good, and needed. Definitely keep it going and more!

Well, let’s keep working to make 2019 the year of justice, peace, freedom and revolutionary change that so many people and our planet need. Freedom is a constant struggle.

Jaan Laaman, Pine Knot, Ky.

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