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Needed today

The political resolution of the FSP [“A world to win, a planet to save,” Vol. 35, No. 5] references the need for “united front” action, as well it should. No one socialist party in this nation today can hope to take on and defeat the capitalist ruling elite on any national issue of critical importance, despite the openings capitalism’s current crisis provides. But if all of the various socialist parties and formations would hold periodic planning conferences, open to all, and at those conferences select for the year ahead one or two important nation-wide reforms to fight for in a united front, such as single payer health care for all, or a rise in the national minimum wage, or an end to the latest U.S. imperialist war, etc., some truly significant pre-socialist reforms might be winnable.

At these national conferences, all would be invited to join in mapping out a campaign for one or two of the national issues around which all socialist parties can find quick and easy agreement. Then a campaign that unites masses of people in the streets, including liberals and progressives working on the same issue, would have the potential to force the ruling class to adopt the demanded reform(s). This, in turn, would gain great respect and more adherents for the various socialist parties that planned the actions, and set the stage for future united front actions. Is the FSP willing to take the lead in bringing about this plan for broad-based socialist “united front” action?

Jim Lafferty, LA Director, National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles


Open dialogue on race

Guerry Hoddersen’s review of Helen Collier’s book, Ms. Anna and the Tears from the Healing Tree [Vol. 35, No. 4], is one of the reasons I subscribe to and read the Freedom Socialist!

Frie Betto, a Brazilian writer, activist and Dominican Friar, wrote: “The head thinks from where the feet tread.” In the book, Ms. Anna tells from her heart the journey she has made.

Like any good reviewer, Hoddersen tells us what the author has written. But she does more — she challenges the reader to do something. In the last paragraph, she writes: “Helen Collier has written a brave novel. It tackles the tangled heart of Black-white sisterhood. If her readers have half her courage we will see the opening of a national conversation on the issues she valiantly addresses.”

I hope that I have the courage to open that much needed conversation.

Roger Yockey, Lynnwood, Wash.


Reason to get active

Thank you, gracias, for a great column regarding the arduous and dangerous migration of Latino children to “El Norte” [ “What drives Latino children to El Norte?” Vol. 35, No. 5].

Among other things — such as facts, political context, and historical background on U.S. “Manifest Destiny” and corporate “lordship” over Central American economies and elected officials — Victor Hugo Orellana’s article concludes that the “hunger for safety” and “love of their families” is “a power stronger than U.S. Imperialism!” What a statement.

Sadly, when the right-wing and mainstream media stops hating and/or bashing these young immigrants, the plight of these youths gets less attention. And thus Hugo’s piece gives readers more food for thought, and, hopefully, reason to get more active!

Moisés Montoya, San Francisco


Victim not killer

Lyvette Crespo shot and killed her husband, Daniel Crespo, Mayor of Bell Gardens, Calif., on October 21, to stop him from punching their son. The son called 911 and said it was not his mother’s fault; she shot in self-defense. They were questioned by authorities and released.

Three weeks later Daniel’s brother, William Crespo, filed a $50 million wrongful death suit against Lyvette, describing her as a “cold blooded killer” who never reported abuse.

Lyvette Crespo, an attorney, said she endured decades of abuse at the hands of her husband.

As long as women are seen as property of the state, and of men, they will face gender violence.
Many women have no choice but to kill or wound their violator, since patriarchy deems us as private property. The wrongful death suit against Lyvette Crespo needs to be dismissed.

Yolanda Alaniz, Los Angeles

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