Freedom Socialist newspaper Letters to the Editor — April 2015

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Kurdish women

I was glad to see something written in the paper about the current situation in the Middle East [The ISIS crisis, made by imperialism, Vol. 35, No. 6].

One thing that concerned me, however, was the phrase “Among the bravest are Kurdish women from Iraq and Syria”.

For one, while Kurdish women have played an incredible role, I feel the phrase ‘women and men’ would be a lot more accurate.

Secondly, women in Iraqi Kurdistan have played an extremely marginal role. Under the rule of bourgeois nationalists, the Iraqi Kurdish forces have adopted very ‘traditional’ views that very much limit women to non-combat roles.

In Syria, however, where the influence of the libertarian socialists of the PKK is prominent, female participation in the fight against ISIS and in defense of the Rojava Revolution almost reaches 50 percent of the YPG/YPJ fighting forces in some places.

I feel it is important to make a distinction between the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds. The bulk of Western media has sought to lump them together (to justify support for the reactionary nationalists rather than the revolutionary socialists). In reality they are driven by significantly different political traditions.

Where women have participated significantly in fighting in Iraq, for example, it has been with the PKK or YPJ, and not with the KRG Peshmerga.

Oso Sabio, Mexico City, Mexico

Excellent analysis

Monica’s article about the U.S. role in world domination nailed it. AGAIN. [The US role in the world: myth and reality, Vol. 35, No. 6]. She always does. She and Megan.

They always dish the dirt in unequivocal no nonsense very readable words. I love to read their stuff. Truth serum in a capsule. Yummmm! They are among your best writers, for sure.

Patrick Haggerty, Bremerton, Wash.


Right to self-rule

As the conflict continues in Ukraine, Russia claims to be defending its national interests in its so-called sphere of influence in Eastern Europe and expects the world to accept it. This policy denies the fundamental right of the Ukrainian people to determine their own affairs.

This is precisely what is wrong with the state of the world. It is a place where the USA, Russia and China reserve the right to dictate the affairs of countries in “their” respective (and extensive) backyards.

It is a world where the national interests of big powers matter and well-being and desires of smaller nations and peoples to live in peace, dignity and safety do not. The policies practiced by powerful nations has caused far too much suffering, millions of deaths and enormous economic, social and environmental destruction.

Ukraine is justified in defending its independence. And it has every right to make new alliances to balance its chances of survival living next to Russia.

It took a brave and principled stance for world peace by getting rid of its nuclear weapons. It was given guarantees by the world community that in doing so its territorial integrity would be respected. The world needs to stand up for Ukraine. We should not allow the big powers to bully other countries. We need change in order to find a better way to solve the world’s problems.

Steven Katsineris, Hurstbridge, Australia


Texas doesn’t pay

Please, if at all possible, continue my subscription. There is always news not found in other sources.

Texas still doesn’t pay its prisoners. It’s a poor way to manage but they believe it’s progressive. They could gain tax revenue if they paid the minimum wage. And possibly more, with a few entrepreneurial minded prisoners.

Anyway, stay strong and continue in a solid effort.

Willie A. Milton #561014, Allred Unit, 2102 FM 369 N, Iowa Park, Texas 76367

Editor’s note: Mr. Milton’s sub was extended, thanks to donations from readers like you.

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