Freedom Socialist Party 2014 Convention — Partido Obrero Socialista shares impressions of the gathering

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From issue No. 25, Spring 2014, of Pluma, magazine of Mexico’s Partido Obrero Socialista.

The Freedom Socialist Party (FSP), or Partido de Libertad Socialista, is the most revolutionary organization in the United States. Founded 43 years ago, in recent years it has increased its strength.

Among its members are many women, workers and teachers. In addition to outstanding work in defense of the working class, especially its disadvantaged sectors, the party is also distinguished by its program of socialist feminism and emphasis on the rights of African Americans, gays and lesbians. It is also known for the passion with which it defends Latin American immigrants.

The FSP held a large convention in late May in Los Angeles, California. Delegates from many U.S. cities came and met for five days.

Also attending were guests from several countries, including a delegation from the POS.

The agenda included issues of great interest to exploited and oppressed people in Mexico. Emphasis was placed throughout the convention on Nestora Salgado and the tireless campaign that has developed to win her freedom.

Topics were treated seriously but not solemnly. An atmosphere of fraternity and good humor prevailed.

The FSP emerged politically stronger and with a great fighting spirit from the experience in Los Angeles.

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