FSP announces Reconstitution at press conference

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The Freedom Socialist Party of Washington held its first news conference on August 19 at the Olympic Hotel in Seattle. Representatives from all four television stations, both daily newspapers, and key radio stations were present, and most of them carried the story that evening or the following day. Waymon Ware and Frank Krasnowsky were spokesmen for the Party.

Below is the text of the FSP statement distributed to newsmen at the conference; the statement was received with great interest and occasioned two hours of questioning and discussion.

Why We Organized a New Socialist Party

We represent revolutionary socialists from nearly all the existing socialist parties.

Some of us represent the former Seattle Branches of the Socialist Workers Party and the Young Socialist Alliance, which broke away from their national organizations because of serious programmatic differences.

Some represent the militant tendency of the old Communist Party, a group which left many years ago after it became clear that the C.P. had ceased to operate upon genuine socialist principles and tactics and merely worked to reform the existing system.

Some represent a younger generation of radical youth who are sincerely concerned with pressing for a fundamental social change and are contemptuous of those so-called “radical” organizations which are obsessed with creating an image of respectability and/or becoming an influence in the Democratic Party.

Some younger members are former adherents of the Socialist Party of Norman Thomas, which has gone over to the Democrats completely.

We are a party of militant and radical trade unionists, youth, Negroes, women, pensioners, students and professionals who believe in a new social system and a new way of life for the United States.


We are attempting to express the need in this country for a vast reorganization and regroupment of the radical movement upon a principled program of revolutionary socialism and internal democracy. Millions of Americans are becoming conscious today of the desperate need for basic social change. The civil rights movement, the anti-war movement, the new upsurge in the labor movement — All create the foundation for a new and broadly based socialist movement.


We are distinguished from all other socialist trends by the following:

1. We are for regroupment of the revolutionary socialist movement, and for a regeneration of socialist theory and thought.

2. We are for the struggle for Black freedom and Black Power in the context of the general working class aspiration for socialism. We call for a Second Reconstruction in the South, i.e., the present southern states should be declared illegal because of their inability to provide a republican form of government, as guaranteed by the Constitution. We call for new regimes created by the decisions of universal suffrage and maintained by a Peoples Militia.

3. We are for advocating to the anti-war movement the truth that only fundamental social change can end the war in Vietnam or any other war of U.S. aggression against the colonial revolution.

The capitalist class and the government in Washington which it basically controls, considers Vietnam central to its basic aim of ruling the world and defending its economic interests. The U.S. will not withdraw from this conflict unless it is militarily defeated by the National Liberation front of Vietnam or by political upheaval at home or abroad.

4. We are for the elevation of the Woman Question, i.e., the secondary economic, social, political, legal and psychological status of women in the U.S., to a first rate issue for socialists.

5. We are for alerting socially-aware movements to the imminent danger of Fascism in this country.

U.S. capital must turn to fascism as the only means of maintaining its political and economic equilibrium. The one-man dictatorial rule in the White House, the present solidarity between northern fascist trends and the KKK, and the growing consolidation of all neo-fascist movements, all point to a new stage of Bonapartism in the United States.

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