FSP Convention: A profit system in crisis, a party in motion

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From July 9-12, amid news of economic crisis, war, and ecological disaster, the U.S. Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) met to analyze the times and discuss strategies for fighting back and moving forward.

The gathering, including an FSP contingent from Australia, featured intense discussion and democratic decision-making. Highlights included skills-building workshops and panels on queer resistance and the battle to save public education. Held at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., the open convention drew many students and activists new to socialism. Guests participated fully in deliberations, including through consultative votes.

Heady discussions during the day were followed by evening socializing, including a hilarious talent show where FSP branches strutted their stuff.

The logo for the event, a butterfly, and the setting, a beautiful Native longhouse, fit the spirit of transformation that characterized the proceedings. In opening remarks, National Secretary Doug Barnes explained that Native Americans associate the butterfly with change and renewal. “That is something we are feeling more urgent about as capitalism destroys the entire world in its quest for profits.”

As disillusionment with the status quo deepens, the question FSPers tackled is how to build a force capable of wresting control from the ruling class. This project may seem Herculean. But the urgent need for revolution instilled convention-goers with a deepened commitment to kick anti-capitalist organizing into high gear — fortified by solidarity greetings sent from near and far. (See: A greeting from Mumia abu-Jamal.)

Socialist feminism to the fore. First up was Guerry Hoddersen, FSP International Secretary and former National Secretary, who reported on the party’s extensive travel in Latin America and numerous discussions with male and female radicals there. These included exchanges about how the Left has typically downgraded the importance of women’s issues and leadership, in both the U.S. and Latin America, and how to overcome this. These experiences brought home the FSP’s vital role in bringing revolutionary feminist theory and practice into the struggle for international socialism.

A key aspect of this is the party’s support for autonomous movements of the super-oppressed, which raise consciousness, inspire a fighting spirit, and improve conditions for the whole working class. Socialist feminism is a program of putting first those who have been last.

Connected to this is a central FSP position called revolutionary integration, discussed by Freedom Socialist Managing Editor Andrea Bauer in her presentation of the convention’s main paper, called a political resolution. Revolutionary integration recognizes the essential leadership role that Blacks, like women, play in winning social progress.

Bauer also demystified the concept of the vanguard party: not an elitist group, but an organization of trained and serious volunteers willing to offer practical and political leadership in the fight for a new society.

The point for FSP today, Bauer said, is to get out socialist feminist ideas as the antidote to capitalist crisis. As signs appear of a new level of working-class fight-back, “The party must seize this opportunity of a lifetime.”

The most oppressed: frontrunners for change. One key way the U.S. elite tries to defuse opposition is by denying the existence of systemic racism. This was explored by panelists talking about the myth of the post-racial society. Their conclusion? Denying racism does not make it disappear.

But, said panelist Emily Woo Yamasaki of New York, racism is not inevitable. It is a product of capitalism, and a socialist society will have no use for it. Yamasaki praised the forefront role of women of color who advance the entire working class when they fight the multiple oppressions they experience.

Yamasaki is the new coordinator of the National Comrades of Color Caucus (NCCC), a joint committee of FSP and Radical Women (RW), the party’s sister organization. She addressed the importance of the NCCC in building the leadership of people of color and analyzing the issues that affect them.

Co-panelist Christina López, Seattle Radical Women Organizer and a Chicana originally from Arizona, gave examples of how bigotry has intensified in the U.S. — while also sparking a rise in activism by women of color. She gave shout-outs to Black women battling to save public education and to undocumented immigrants firing up the labor movement in militant fights against employers like Republic Windows and Doors.

In discussion, Beatriz Paez, a young Chicana mother from Los Angeles, described her city as “epicenter of the budget crisis,” with Governor Schwarzenegger cutting wages and aid to single moms. What happens in LA, she said, will spread — both the attacks and the resistance.

The panelists and speakers from the floor also took note of the especially desperate situation for Blacks in the U.S. today, and pledged to step up party action in their defense.

Exploring ways forward. Panels on public education and the labor movement motivated union-community coalitions and united fronts — organizing efforts with working-class aims and leadership — as important tools of workers’ self-defense. In California, for example, FSP is in the thick of battles being waged jointly by students and unions to stop the privatization of education. Also needed, panelists said, are radical union caucuses and vehicles for organizing by the unemployed.

From the floor, veteran union organizer Roger Yockey commended FSP activists for their labor work and said, “You will become the Mother Joneses of today.”

Providing much of the theoretical compass for FSP’s activism is the concept of permanent revolution, developed by Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky. Red Letter Press, FSP’s publishing house, proudly introduced a brand-new edition of the book Permanent Revolution, previously out of print in the U.S. (See Back in the USA.)

Permanent revolution deals with how the socialist cause unfolds on a world scale. An understanding of the theory helped guide discussion of prospects for Cuba as the island’s leaders move back toward capitalism. Reports from a panel of speakers who have studied and recently visited Cuba engendered passionate discussion and debate and, finally, a vote affirming the need for a new socialist party in Cuba — as the only possible way for the revolution to survive. (See FSP’s statement on Cuba in English or Spanish.)

Rising to the occasion. The FSP is now 44 years old, and the torch of party leadership has already been passed once from generation to generation. In a commemoration of party founders and early leaders Clara Fraser, Melba Windoffer, and Gloria Martin, Helen Gilbert told of how these older white and Jewish radicals forged a multi-hued, multi-generational party through their political ideas and faith in the power of women and working people to transform the world.

It was thrilling to see this process in motion again as comrades in their twenties and thirties took on new party responsibilities, right beside older comrades doing the same thing. In a panel on intergenerational collaboration, older and younger members spoke to the rewards and challenges found when comrades of different ages team up.

The assembly’s last day was spent setting priorities to keep FSP growing and battle-ready. This included plans for fundraising and cost-cutting to keep the Freedom Socialist publishing. It also included, as had previous sessions, honest evaluation of strengths and shortcomings in party work.

One of the final and key tasks was election of a new national executive committee. This was the product of a careful and deliberate process, first established by Trotskyist pioneer James P. Cannon. A nominating commission of rank-and-file FSPers, elected at the beginning of the convention, examined the party’s needs and personnel to develop a slate for the membership to discuss and vote upon.

The leadership selected includes younger members new to the National Committee side by side with older veterans. It reflects a party in transition, one formed during the booming youth movement of the 1960s, and now recruiting a new generation of rebels determined to make the U.S. revolutio

Also see these articles by convention attendees:

The synergy of an all-ages movement for change

Defining race problems? Good. Offering solutions? Priceless.


Below are videos of some talks given at the FSP 2010 Convention.
To see the rest of these videos, visit Youtube.

In the report titled “Have Program, Will Travel”, Freedom Socialist Party International Secretary Guerry Hoddersen of Seattle, WA gives an update on changes affecting workers around the world during the past four years.

Helen Gilbert of Seattle pays tribute to the founders of the Freedom Socialist Party, which started in Seattle, WA in 1966 by Gloria Martin, Clara Fraser, and Melba Windoffer.

Steve Hoffman from Seattle, WA introduces the Labor Resolution: High Crimes by the Bosses Create New Opportunities for Militancy

Anita O’Shea of San Francisco, CA begins the panel “The New Wave of Queer Radicalism” by discussing the current resurgence in the queer movement.

Christina Lopez begins the panel “Beyond the Myth of a Post-Racial Society: Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution” by discussing current race conditions.

Toni Mendicino of San Francisco, CA begins the panel on “Feminists on the Frontlines: The Battle for Public Education in California” by discussing attacks on public education in California and their implications elsewhere.

Andrea Bauer from Seattle, WA introduces the Political Resolution: Socialist Feminism and the Vanguard Party.

Jed Holtz of New York City, NY begins a panel titled “FSP Generations: A Dialogue on Leadership”. The discussion focuses on the inter-generational.

Pictures from the Convention

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Listing of Greetings to the 2010 Freedom Socialist Party Convention

Participants in the recent FSP National Convention were buoyed
by the solidarity expressed in political greetings from around the
world. Here is the index of the full or partial text of the statements,
with links to Spanish original versions where available.

  1. Opinion Socialista, Argentina (español)
  2. Mumia Abu-Jamal, Pennsylvania
  3. Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, Seattle
  4. Southern California Immigration Coalition, Los Angeles
  5. Socialist Workers Party of Mexico (Partido Obrero Socialista), Mexico City (español)
  6. Washington Federation of State Employee Local 304, Seattle
  7. Left Radical of Afghanistan (excerpts)
  8. Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT), Costa Rica (español)
  9. Gay Liberation Network, Chicago
  10. International Unity of Workers—Fourth International/Unidad
    Internacional de los Trabajadores—Cuarta International
  11. CIR Relations Committee of the International Revolutionary
    Current (CIR), Mexico City
  12. Federation of Cuban Women, Havana
  13. Indigenous Social Justice Association, Australia
  14. Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, Washington
  15. National Radical Women, San Francisco
  16. Nucleus for the Construction of a Revolutionary Internationalist
    Party (NUPORI), Dominican Republic
  17. Hamid Khan, Los Angeles
  18. Australian Section of the Freedom Socialist Party
  19. Jason Combs, Tokyo, Japan
  20. Alfredo Zarazúa, Guatemala (español)
  21. People United, Guatemala (español)
  22. Jim Lafferty, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles

* * * * * * * * * * * *
1. From the leadership of Opinion Socialista, a member of the Corriente
Internacional Revolucionario (CIR), Argentina

Comrades of FSP:

Greetings from Argentina! We are hoping that your convention is a success because we understand that the future of the proletariat in part depends on it, together with the future of the people of the world who in their present condition confront the diverse consequences of the decadency of capitalism.

We especially value the role your organization is developing in the “stomach of the imperialist beast” because we know that the workers, poor people, women and the youth of your country are being called to be the decisive actors in the struggle to put an end to worldwide capitalism and to create a more egalitarian and just socialist world for humanity as a whole.

The task of building a political tool (or party) that could launch a project of this magnitude is not simple, but now more than ever, the necessity of building it is imperative given the decadency and barbarism in which capitalism is submerging unnumbered masses of people on all the continents. This system, the command of which is to be found in the White House, can not offer contemporary society anything other than hunger, wars, destruction, discrimination and contamination of Mother Nature.

Internationalism fuels our consciousness as militant socialism fraternalizes us worldwide, despite the existence of political borders created by governments and their bourgeoisie. The revolution that we are fighting for, in which the FSP is a keystone, is the only hope of the people that fight against all forms of exploitation and oppression.

Let it be known that in Opinión Socialista and the Corriente Internacional Revolucionaria (CIR), you will find comrades ready and able to go along the path with you to rebuild the revolutionary tools that will allow the proletariat–men and women–to commence the task that history has put in our hands and today more than ever needs.

With revolutionary and internationalist greetings,

Horacio Lagar, Giselle Santana, Alfredo Cáceres

For the Leadership of Opinión Socialista (a member of CIR)

2. Mumia Abu-Jamal

To the FSP National Convention
June 18, 2010
The nation is in terrible economic shape. Foreclosures are continuing from coast-to-coast.

Schools are closing all across America, and teachers are being both laid off and scapegoated for the sorry state of education.

Wars and occupation rage on in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And the beaches are turning black as oil spreads from a busted pipe in the Gulf of Mexico.

Is this the change that so many dreamed of in November 2008?

Guantánamo Bay prison; Bagram Air Force Base prison; black sites; puppet regimes; and the government threatens to imprison a lawyer in her 70s, Lynne Stewart, for generations for essentially violating a prison rule.

Is this what liberalism looks like?

Is this the face of progressive politics?

I am raising these questions, because I know that many of you can answer them.

The question is, can the American people answer them?

When they are able, we’ll be on the brink of truly bringing change.

Thank you all. On a Move!

Mumia Abu-Jamal

3. Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, Seattle

Greetings to the Freedom Socialist Party Convention,

Evergreen State College, July 2010

OWLS sends greetings to the Freedom Socialist Party and all the activists who will be discussing the situation facing U.S. labor and the workingclass internationally over the coming days.

It is now four years that a group of rank and file union members in the Seattle area first formed OWLS in the shadow of the breakup of the AFL-CIO. In 2006, members of a half dozen unions were taken out of the historical power house of labor and a new umbrella group, Change to Win, was born. OWLS members, people in both of these camps as well as independent unions, knew that divided we fall, and decided to create a new labor organization where workers could come together, regardless of union affiliation or the destructive turf wars between top officials.

The breakup of the AFL-CIO will go down in history as a low point contributing to U.S. labor’s decline. It is a stark contrast to the 1920’s and ‘30’s, when militant unions were shutting down cities to win real gains at the bargaining table. These unions were organized by many people, but many of the best organizers were men and women who sympathized with, or were communists and socialists — people who understood the fundamental problem with the ownership class having all the power and wealthy.

In 1934, before the right to strike was “granted”, workers shut down Minneapolis, San Francisco and most of the West Coast, Toledo, and all textile mills on the east coast. In 1935, under the Wagner Act, the government finally recognized what workers had taken as their right. And only a few years later, shortly after the war, business interests seized upon the Communist bogeyman and launched the Red Scare to drive out the radicals who had provided the labor movement with so much of its best leadership. Sadly, conservative union officials also outdid themselves helping to accomplish this goal. Labor is still paying dearly to this day for this anti-radical purge.

OWLS members understand that solidarity and a willingness to fight is what won the battles that created the labor movement we know today. Since our formation, we have strived to bring that spirit to the labor movement in Puget Sound. We walked with striking Oak Harbor Teamsters, (even when our union’s were opposed!), as well as with Boeing Machinists, and Kent Teachers. We’ve joined with Washington Federation of State Employees members in their demand that Olympia tax the wealthy, rather than decimate services and scapegoat state employees for the budget crisis. We reject the Democrats as Labor’s only choice. We reject cutbacks in government services, especially for poor and working families, and we reject that selling off public services to crony capitalists is in the public’s interest.

In this time of economic crisis, we see signs of new life in the U.S. labor movement, and the potential for reversing unions’ long decline. As hard times hit, more workers are recognizing the need to stand in solidarity regardless of union affiliation, or whether one is even in a union. During this time, OWLS recognizes that what kind of leadership the labor movement has is a crucial question. As the bosses attack, OWLS believes that democratic unions with accountable leadership are essential to being able to fight back. And as the U.S. government attacks and scapegoats immigrants in the U.S., OWLS also agitates for labor’s defense of undocumented workers. We are glad to stand in solidarity with our friends in FSP on these and so many other issues, appreciate the leadership FSP has provided, and wish the best as you deliberate over the coming days.

4. Southern California Immigration Coalition, Los Angeles

There is no doubt that the world is in a state of crisis. And were it not for the hard work and sacrifice of freedom fighters present here today, as well as many of our absent friends and colleagues, those communities we pledged to fight for and if need be, die for, would be living under the imperialist yoke of servitude. Know that the work you do at this conference and the actions that will certainly follow will reverberate in the corridors of congress, world parliaments, imperial and royal houses throughout the world.

The Southern California Immigration Coalition, along with her sister organizations, Radical Women, the Freedom Socialist Party, as well as the over 70 grassroots activist groups, community leaders, student organizations and supporters of human rights in our coalition, remain committed to fighting a behalf of our communities for their fundamental right to exist. Like you, we too are concerned with the treatment of the many defenseless peoples of color throughout the world. And like you, we are determined to fight each battled head-on.

For the commitment, hard work and contributions in defending the rights of the oppressed, the Southern California Immigration Coalition is proud to stand in solidarity with Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party. We look forward to continue our work together in defending the rights of our undocumented sisters and brothers in Arizona, California and elsewhere in the United States and the world.

In solidarity of struggle, hasta la victoria siempre,

Celina R.Benitez

Steering Committee

The Southern California Immigration Coalition

5. Socialist Workers Party of Mexico (Partido Obrero Socialista), Mexico City (español)



Compañeras and compañeros, friends, conventions attendees:

The Socialist Workers Party is pleased to send greetings to your meeting and wishes you advancements and success in your deliberations as well as resolutions that allow you to strengthen the struggle of workers and the oppressed in your country. We also hope that your convention decides to continue and deepen ties with our organization. The fact that the FSP and the POS are active in neighboring countries requires us, at the very least, to coordinate participation in defense of Mexicans, Central Americans, Caribbeans, and other immigrants in the American Union. We also want to prepare in tandem in anticipation of the future protests and struggles that we hope the workers and youth of both our countries will carry out as a reaction to the economic and financial crisis that continues to batter the world.

Likewise, we are interested in knowing your analysis and position on the wars in which your country’s empire is involved, so that we can jointly demand the removal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. A determined demonstration on your part against the invasion in Afghanistan will help to make the FSP been seen as an alternative to the warmongering of Barack Obama.

The POS wishes to continue learning an understanding the work the FSP does among working and oppressed women. We appreciate the great value you place on the revolutionary political participation of women, and we know that you do it with the example of the talented and battle-hardened women comrades that lead your organization.

Similarly, we would like to exchange viewpoints and eventually discuss with you the situation in Cuba and Palestine. We think that it is very dangerous that the imperialist Right turns up in Cuba as the champion and even the vanguard of the struggle for the most basic and democratic rights of people there, rights denied daily by the bureaucratic dictatorship headed by Fidel and Raúl Castro. We revolutionary Marxists should put ourselves forward before the Cuban people as those vigorously demanding freedoms and democracy for the working people with a program of defending the economic and social revolutionary gains in the face of the imperialists and bourgeoisie. We view as positive advances in our relations the visits of compañeros Stephen and Robert. We see it through their fraternal and tolerant manner, their well-founded opinions, and from our reading of the books, pamphlets, and newspapers of the FSP. We wish that any members of the FSP wanting to visit us will do so. The doors of the POS-Mexico will always be open to the FSP.

We join you in saying:

Long live the FSP Convention!

Long live world revolution!

Long live the Fourth International!

Cuauhtemoc Ruiz

For the Executive Committee of POS, Member of the International Revolutionary Current (CIR)

Mexico City

July 10, 2010

6. Washington Federation of State Employee Local 304, Seattle

June 12, 2010

Brothers and Sisters in Labor,

It is with admiration and respect that I send the Freedom Socialist Party greetings from the membership of Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304.

Ours has been a partnership that has crossed the bounds of ideology to advocate for the working class of this state and in support of those around the world that would be silenced by those they criticize.

Through mutual understanding, and coming together in solidarity around those issues that affect us all, like taxing the rich to fund public services, we have moved, in small paces, those that have come together with us for the betterment of all.

It is our hope that we continue the dialog that has so energized us and that we will continue to work together to forge alliances with all workers.

Thank you, may your convention be a place that is fertile with ideas for the future.

Rodolfo Franco, President

WFSE Local 304

7. Left Radical of Afghanistan (excerpts)

To Freedom Socialist Party

Dear comrades,

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) is pleased and proud to convey its comradely warm greetings to FSP central committee and all FSP members and friends on the occasion of their party national convention in July 2010. We appreciate the FSP healthy and revolutionary positions on different national and international issues particularly regarding the matter of Afghanistan and the solidarity of FSP’s comrades with Left forces in our country. LRA is really grateful to FSP for its many solidarity messages and support letters to LRA on different events within past years. But, we have further expectations from FSP to help Afghan Left revolutionary forces in the worst situation under occupation.

The barbarous mission and war in Afghanistan will determine the fate of the US imperialist government, but we deeply worry about the outcomes of war that the warmonger government has been waging since 2001 in the name of the people of the US. Their bombs, bullets and uncivilized behavior against the people of Afghanistan are causing hate and disgust and revengeful sentiments in Afghanistan and also in the Islamic world. . . .The US and NATO are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Afghans and destroying their homes and properties and imprisoning and torturing tens of thousand more . . . . With these methods, how do they expect to “win the heart and mind” of the Afghan people!!?

Now they are talking about peace negotiations with some of the anti-occupation resistance but in same time escalating more troops and increasing the war budget in Afghanistan. They are talking about corruption and narcotic trafficking but they themselves are involved in such profitable business since the occupation of Afghanistan. . . .

The US/NATO talk about a weak and corrupt government in Afghanistan but never ask themselves who has created this government and imposed it on the people of Afghanistan. Certainly, it was US and NATO who counter to the wishes of Afghan, American and European people, deployed their troops to Afghanistan and established a puppet regime containing previous warlords, war criminals and mafia such as Northern Alliance (Fahim, Dostum, Khalili, Sayaf, Abdullah, Mohaqiq and so on) in Afghanistan. . . . They replaced the Taliban with a corrupt, criminal and unpopular regime in Afghanistan in 2001 as they did in 1994 by supporting the Taliban movement to facilitate an oil and gas pipe line from Central Asia to the international market as well as influence in central Asia.

The Taliban with their anti-women and reactionary background were not acceptable for the people of Afghanistan and they were not supported by the people, but the wild military operations and barbaric mission of US/NATO pushed the people to the side of Taliban and armed resistance. Now the anti-occupation resistance in Afghanistan is not limited in the body of Taliban but it composed of a various groups and communities and stratums of the society including the left revolutionary forces.

. . .

It is in the interests of all peace loving people to end US hegemony and war waging in order to save humanity and avoid the hostility between brother nations. The solidarity between peace loving people of America and Afghanistan’s anti-occupation resistance can ensure the defeat of imperialism in Afghanistan and will make both nations free from war and killing and heavy war budget pressure.

LRA calls upon FSP comrades and friends to continue their support and solidarity with revolutionary left forces in Afghanistan and anti-occupation resistance in general. Let the imperialists compete with the determinations of our nations (Afghan and American), but they will soon lose and the people will win. . . .

  • – Long live solidarity between Afghan and American people!
  • – Long live Freedom Socialist Party and the peace loving people of the USA!
  • – Death to imperialism and warmongers!

Left Radical of Afghanistan

26 June 2010, Afghanistan

8. Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT), Costa Rica (español)

Revolutionary Workers Party
San Jose, June 26, 2010


National Convention

Freedom Socialist Party

United States of North America

Esteemed Comrades:

We send warm greetings from our Party, a sympathizing section of the International Workers League, in little Costa Rica, on the Central American isthmus.

Although we won’t be physically present at Evergreen State College in Washington, June 9-12, for your National Convention, please keep in mind, first and foremost, that we continue to be and will continue to be mindful of your efforts to build the revolutionary leadership of the working class and oppressed in the mouth of the imperialist wolf.

Clearly, we accept and recognize that we have learned from the FSP that revolutionary Trotskyism nowadays must strongly support the struggles for the emancipation of women, Lesbians and Gays, and immigrants, without losing its working class nature, by raising a transitional program and building the revolutionary social character to topple imperialist capitalism. With pride and conviction, we hoist the flag of socialist feminism, shoulder to shoulder with you.

We observe that, while the signs of a new and more acute outbreak of the world economic crisis become more noticeable, while the imperialist invader gets more bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq, and while capitalist barbarism makes deadly stains with leaking petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico; working class resistance begins to take over the world, from Europe, starting with Greece, to the first labor strikes in China. Along that route, we know that combating without respite the illusion and cynicism of Obama, it is vital to stimulate a resurgence of the US working class movement, and it’s most oppressed battalions, which come precisely from the youth, women, immigrants, and Lesbians and Gays. For that reason, we say again that we follow your struggle.

In the same way, as revolutionaries our relations call for complete frankness. Just as we recognize the contributions we’ve gained from the FSP, we must say, without any meanness, that it’s our duty to tell you that our deep differences in the analysis, program, and policy concerning Cuba have become more pronounced in this last period. Without losing sight of the fact that our absolute duty is to defend Cuba, in spite of its leadership, in the face of any eventual imperialist aggression, we certainly do not have the remotest hope that the Communist Party, driven by the firm hands of the Castro brothers, has any possibility of regeneration. As in the process carried out by the Chinese bureaucracy, we see the Castroist bureaucracy today as the fundamental lever for restoring capitalism in Cuba, which is why our flag is that of political revolution. We also consider Castroist politics to be a pernicious influence throughout the continent, sponsoring popular front governments and Chavismo, which are dams holding back the Latin American Revolution.

In spite of this key difference and others between us, we believe that practice, the mother of truth, will clear up these and other questions. Moreover, we reiterate that we hope to continue exchanging opinions and experiences, to the extent that we appreciate your struggle and your brotherhood. Being conscious of our great limitations and without any self-proclamation, with regard to our fundamental task, relations with comrades like you, including clarification of agreements and disagreements, are part of the arduous and complex combat to construct the World Party of Socialist Revolution: the Fourth International.



David Morera

For the Executive Committee



9. Gay Liberation Network, Chicago

June 24, 2010

To our Sisters and Brothers, Comrades in struggle

The Gay Liberation Network sends its comradely greetings to the convention of the Freedom Socialist Party. We join with you in making a renewed commitment to struggle for the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual people. And we recognize with you the necessity of linking our fight to the struggles for equality by women, racial minorities, immigrants, and working people. Politicians serving the interests of Wall Street and the Pentagon cannot and will not bring us liberation. Only a people united can deliver it.


Bob Schwartz

Gay Liberation Network


Gay Liberation Network

a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Direct Action Group

10. International Unity of Workers—Fourth International

Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores—Cuarta International (español)

Greetings from UIT-CI

(Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores–Cuarta Internacional/

International Unity of Workers–Fourth International)

To the National Convention of the Freedom Socialist Party-U.S. Section

Dear Compañeros,

Here is a special and revolutionary greetings to your National Convention.

This event is taking place at a very special time in the struggle of the international working class and oppressed peoples.

In Europe, strikes are growing like dust storms against the IMF (International Monetary Fund) adjustment plans and the budget cuts of capitalist governments. In Greece alone just this year, there have been five general strikes. The European proletariat is organizing for a coordinated strike across Europe scheduled for September 29. The slogan which is becoming widespread is “The capitalists must pay for the crisis.”

In addition to these workers struggle, there are now strikes in China
which have ended in wage increases and victories against the multinational corporations and the dictatorial policies of the current Chinese regime.

Protests throughout the world are growing against the consequences of the capitalist system. Immigrants are taking to the streets to defend their rights in the U.S. and Europe. Women are fighting for their rights. Youth are also defending their rights, as for example Puerto Rico, where university students just won a great victory.

North American imperialism and its allies are defeated in Iraq and Obama is dangerously approaching his own Vietnam in Afghanistan. The heroic Palestinian people continue their heroic struggle against the criminal policies of the Zionist state of Israel. And the worldwide call for ending the blockade of Gaza is growing.

It is against this backdrop that you are having your conference. For this reason, we sincerely hope that your conference is a success.

We are aware of the decades of struggle of the Freedom Socialist Party in the belly of the empire and are aware of how you have fought in the labor, women’s and youth movements. We also know and appreciate your internationalism. Today it is more necessary than ever to strengthen the building of revolutionary socialist organizations in every country.

During the last few years, we have reconnected with the Freedom Socialist Party through political exchanges and common solidarity actions. We value this immensely, despite any political or contextual differences we may presently have between our organizations.

We both come from a lengthy struggle with many difficulties, but we are
both part of those who struggle for the worldwide socialist revolution and the definitive overthrow of the capitalist-imperialist system.

We must continue carrying out common actions and maintain the political
exchanges between our organizations.

For a complete success during the sessions of the FSP National Convention!

Fraternal Greetings

The Executive Committee of UIT-CI

Unidad de los Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional

July 2, 2010

11. CIR Relations Committee of the International Revolutionary Current (CIR), Mexico City (español)

Mexico City, Mexico, Federal District

July 5, 2010

Comrades of the US FSP:

In the name of the Relations Committee of the International Revolutionary Current, CIR, we send greetings and wish you the most resounding success at your convention.

We view your process of movement building among the workers of the United States in a very positive way. Working women, native-born workers of all races, Latino immigrants and those of other ethnicities, and the youth of your country are being called upon to be key protagonists in the decisive battles that will mark the destruction of capitalist exploitation and, from its ashes, the birth of socialism with workers democracy.

In that perspective we inscribe the exchanges and relations undertaken by our organizations since the founding of the CIR itself. That dynamic has allowed us to value your efforts and contributions toward the most urgent and important task confronting humanity: overcoming the crisis of the leadership of the proletariat.

This task becomes much more urgent in this period, in which the worldwide financial and economic crisis worsens the material conditions in the lives of workers and all other exploited people. The destructive capacity of this crisis toward workers is aggravated by the social and labor counter-reforms that the bosses and their governments impose throughout the world, one after another.

In the face of this situation and its prospects, the revolutionaries of the world have the responsibility to help overcome the fractures that have characterized us over the most recent decades.

In that context we consider it very positive that we can continue developing our process of political exchange and collaboration. We understand that the differences that have arisen between our organizations—Cuba, Palestine, etc.—can be part of a process of friendly debate, without constituting obstacles for the development of our political relations.

We are confident that your convention can examine this process of reconciliation and debate between our organizations.

Our revolutionary greetings,

CIR Relations Committee

International Commission

12. Federation of Cuban Women, Havana


Havana, July 2nd, 2010

Dear friends in the Freedom Socialist Party

The Federation of Cuban Women, (FMC), NGO in consultative status with ECOSOC, is proud of maintaining close and historical links with Radical Women, as part of the Freedom Socialist Party, organization that has carried out an arduous and recognized work in favor of peace, freedom and solidarity between the peoples and its women.

Receive our deepest greetings and congratulations in the occasion of the celebration of your National Congress. We take advantage of this opportunity to wish you success and mayor achievements in the coming work of your National Congress, and also in your struggle in facing the new challenges of this current world.

We reiterate our support and best wishes in expanding and strengthening the bilateral relations between our organizations, characterized by respect, collaboration and solidarity, with the aim of achieving the full and active participation of women in the economic, political, social and cultural spheres of live of our nations.

Please receive the testimony of our best wishes and success.

Federation of Cuban Women

13. Indigenous Social Justice Association, Australia

Greeting to Freedom Socialist Party Convention
Evergreen College, Olympia, U.S.A: 9 – 12 July 2010.
As President of the Australian Indigenous Social Justice Association, on behalf of the organization, I send our warmest comradely greetings and fraternal support for your Convention this weekend.

I have nothing but the fondest memories of having attended the inspiring 1996 FSP Convention. Our support for your struggles to achieve revolutionary change is as strong today as it was then. In fact our mutual struggle towards the final defeat of capitalism to a much more user-friendly socialist world has not wavered one iota.

The struggles of my Peoples in seeking sovereignty, treaty and social justice for all Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, continues unabated. We must stop the rape and pillage of our resources and our lands. Historically, and still today, the plundering invaders have much to recompense.

We value the decades of working alongside in the Freedom Socialist Party, particularly in the struggle to stop Aboriginal deaths in custody. ISJA wishes everyone attending the Convention — both members and guests — a very productive four days of discussion and trust you will adopt plans that will progress and build the leadership of those struggling to achieve a socialist feminist world.

With the greatest of respect to all.

For Koori Justice

Ray Jackson, President

On behalf of the Indigenous Social Justice Association


14. Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, Olympia, Washington

Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace welcomes the Freedom Socialist Party to Olympia!

Together we have struggled in solidarity to change the social and economic institutions at the root of oppression, for example through our combined struggles in Latin American Solidarity work and Port Militarization Resistance.

We thank you for participating in our recent People’s Movement Assembly where Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women members came to our aid by leading workshops on organizing for health care rights and building leadership within the feminist movement.

You have supported, through legal defense and advocacy, our local activist’s, like Patty Imani and 40 women, who put their bodies in front of military tanks. And she was not alone. Solidarity! You came to the call when our local GI’s, like Erin Watada, refused to participate in illegal war! And, he was not alone. Solidarity!

Like the Freedom Socialist Party, OMJP is committed to building a mass movement to further justice and peace. We believe that the issues of justice and peace cannot be separated, and that it is by furthering economic and social justice that we create the conditions for a peaceful world. Justice! Then Peace! Our long-term goal is to build a society that meets the needs of all people, as opposed to one based on profit. We stand with you in this fight. Sisters and Brothers with the Freedom Socialist Party, Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace salutes you.

15. National Radical Women, San Francisco

July 6, 2010

Greetings to the Freedom Socialist Party’s 2010 National Convention
Radical Women extends our solidarity and warm greetings to the participants at the Freedom Socialist Party National Convention. You are gathering at a critical time. Through massive cuts in social services Democrat and Republican politicians shift the economic crisis onto the backs of women. Meanwhile rightwing ideologues scapegoat women of color, immigrants and queers for society’s ills. Beleaguered working people desperately need fundamental social change. They urgently require serious revolutionary leadership that focuses the people’s outrage onto toppling the brutal capitalist system. Fomenting socialist revolution is the antidote to the hunger, bigotry, poverty, misogyny, war, violence and environmental disaster that stalk the planet. Your deliberations this weekend are vital to humanity.

In solidarity,

Anne Slater

National Organizer,

Radical Women

16. Nucleus for the Construction of a Revolutionary Internationalist Party/Nucleo por la Construcción de un Partido Revolucionario Internacionalista (NUPORI), Dominican Repubic (español)

Greetings from NUPORI,

Comrardes Stephen, Guerry and other leaders of the Freedom Socialist Party

Comrade Delegates of the National Convention

Invited Comrades and All Others:

We are happy to send greeting to wish you the greatest success at your National Convention. We are sure that you are going to debate important aspects of the class struggle in your country and worldwide.

We would like to add that we hope that your deliberations serve to
contribute to the unity among all of us who raise and defend the
principles of revolutionary Marxism inherited from our forbearers Marx,
Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, along with other great working-class leaders, as well the great traditions of the worldwide proletariat.

We would like to emphasize the necessity of working to overcome the
absence of a revolutionary leadership strengthened by the confidence of
working-class men and women in every country and capable of unifying all the exploited and oppressed sectors in the struggle to overthrow
capitalism and, upon its ashes, build a socialist society to move humanity from “the reign of necessity to the establishment of true freedom.”

In closing, we will be honored to receive your Convention’s resolutions on themes such as Cuba and other subjects. We are eager to discuss them with you, as always, on the basis of mutual respect and the democratic right to disagree.

Viva the Struggle of Workers of the World!

For the Construction of a World Revolutionary Leadership!

UN and MINUSTAH Troops Out of Haiti!

Defeat to the Imperialist Troops in Iraq and All Over the World!

From the Dominican Republic

Nucleo por la Construcción de un Partido Obrero Revolucionario

Internacionalista (NUPORI) June 27, 2010

17. Hamid Khan, Los Angeles

Best wishes to Freedom Socialist Party at its 2010 National Convention and its goals to the right to live in a society that cherishes life, knowledge, international solidarity and equitable sharing and sustenance of our natural environment.

Hamid Khan is active in the organizing of Pakistani taxi drivers and is Executive Director of the South Asian Network in Los Angeles. (For identification purposes only.)

18. Australian Section of the Freedom Socialist Party

Hearty greetings from the Australian Section to this Convention of the
U.S. Section of the party.

We’re delighted to have a contingent here at Evergreen to participate in
deliberations. We hope to enrich the discussion through the perspectives
we bring as international collaborators with a shared socialist feminist
program. Our section will benefit enormously by having a team here.
Taking part in the pre-convention discussion has already sharpened
our thinking about what is needed to heighten class-consciousness and
strengthen the party by welcoming new generations to our ranks.

Our section was founded in 1982. It has a proud history leading
successful fights against Nazis, anti-choice bigots and workplace
discrimination. Like our U.S. Comrades, we’re organising to replace
capitalism with an environmentally sustainable socialist society based
on workers’ democracy: one free of sexism, racism and homophobia.
This goal is impossible as long as we live on stolen land — that’s why
we fight for self-determination for Australia’s Aboriginal nations.

Our section values our relationship with the founding U.S. section very
highly. U.S. imperialism plays a dominant role in the world — any
successful challenge to capitalism on these shores, would benefit the
downtrodden of the earth! We look to the multiracial U.S. working class
to make revolutionary change in the belly of the beast! But Australia
is also an imperialist nation in its own right, playing a deputy sheriff
role in its region with troops in East Timor and the Solomons as well as
Afghanistan and Iraq. The multi-racial Australian working class also has
an important job to do — FSP will be better equipped for our leadership
role by being here this weekend.

Greetings – FSP Comrades, Radical Women sisters and guests. A
weekend of thought provoking ideas to propel us into action awaits us

Alison Thorne

For the Australian Section of the Freedom Socialist Party

19. Jason Combs, Tokyo, Japan

FSP comrades:

Greetings from Japan! Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this year’s convention. However, I have enjoyed immensely reading everyone’s contributions to the pre-convention discussion. There are many thought-provoking pieces and I eagerly await the resolution.

I also want to thank anyone I have interacted with on a personal level. Introduction letters, Facebook posts and e-mails, not to mention the expense and effort involved in communicating overseas, have really made me feel involved with the party and are a daily motivator for me personally. Without the global support of everyone in the FSP I simply wouldn’t have the kind of motivation I do now in terms of organizing and study.

To a better, egalitarian society under socialism!

Jason Combs, Tokyo, Japan.

20. Alfredo Zarazúa, Guatemala (español)

Long live the women and men of the working class of the United States of America!!

Alfredo is a former guerrilla who fought 10 years in the 1980s against the Guatemalan military regime. Today he and other leftists have formed VIVA, a leftist electoral front composed of 20 organizations challenging the right wing which still rules with impunity in Guatemala.

21. People United, Chimaltenago, Guatemala (español)

Date: July 7, 2010

Greetings to the FSP Convention from

Federico Morales y Tereso de Jesús García Leiva, Pueblo Unido/People United, Chimaltenago, Guatemala

Esteemed Friends,

From Chimaltenango, our political organization Pueblo Unido
congratulates you for the new anniversary of struggle you are engaged in, looking for the changes that are so needed in the American continent.

Our being in the center of the continent, we have been struggling too so that our people will live better and in full liberty.

Congratulations! Adelante!

22. Jim Lafferty, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles

I thank you for your thoughtful and comradely invitation to join you and other friends and comrades at the FSP convention this July.

However, I must decline. I will be taking the two weeks following the NLG convention off to vacation in NYC and there is simply no way I can be out of town for the FSP convention, as well.

Knowing the Party as I do, I suspect I will be missing a very provocative, informative and inspiring convention. Please extend my warm regards to those in attendance. As I have said at Party gatherings here in L.A., in all of my 50+ years of political activism I have never worked with political activists with more integrity than those in the FSP. The Party’s contribution to revolutionary change in this nation is truly profound. And I am confident it will continue to be in the years ahead, as well.

Warm regards,

Jim Lafferty

* * * * * * * * * * * *
1. Opinion Socialista, Argentina (español)

Buenos Aires, 25 de Junio de 2010.

Camaradas del FSP de EU:

Saludamos desde Argentina la reunión de vuestra Convención, deseándoles todo el éxito para la misma, porque entendemos que de ella depende en parte la suerte del conjunto de los trabajadores y pueblos del mundo que enfrentan las diversas consecuencias de la decadencia del capitalismo en su etapa actual.

Valoramos muy especialmente el rol que vuestra organización viene desarrollando en “las entrañas del monstruo imperialista”, porque sabemos que el proletariado, el pueblo pobre, las mujeres y los jóvenes de ese país están llamados a ser actores decisivos en la lucha para acabar con el capitalismo mundial y reemplazarlo por un mundo socialista, igualitario y justo para el conjunto de la humanidad.

La tarea de construir una herramienta política que permita llevar a cabo semejante propósito no es sencilla, pero nunca como ahora su necesidad ha sido más imperiosa, dada la decadencia y barbarie en la que el capitalimso está sumiendo a ingentes masas de población en todos los continentes. Este sistema, cuyo comando se encuentra en la Casa Blanca, no puede ofrecer a la sociedad contemporánea otra que cosa que hambre, guerras, destrucción, discriminación y contaminación de la naturaleza.

El internacionalismo, que impregna nuestra conducta conciente como militantes socialistas, nos hermana en el mundo entero, pese a la existencia de las fronteras nacionales creadas por las burguesías y sus estados. La revolución por la que luchamos, en cuya preparación se halla abocada vuestra organización, el FSP, es la única esperanza liberadora de los pueblos del mundo que luchan contra todas las formas de explotación y opresión.

Sepan que en Opinión Socialista y en la Corriente Internacional Revolucionaria encuentran y encontrarán ustedes a camaradas dispuestos a recorrer juntos el camino de la reconstrucción de las herramientas revolucionarias que permitan al proletariado, mujeres y hombres, llevar a cabo las tareas que la historia a colocado en sus manos y que hoy son más necesarias que nunca.

Reciban nuestro saludo revolucionario e Internacionalista.

Horacio Lagar, Giselle Santana, Alfredo Cáceres, Por la dirección de Opinión Socialista de Argentina, Integrante de la CIR.

5. Socialist Workers Party of Mexico (Partido Obrero Socialista) (español)



Compañeras y compañeros, amigas y amigos asistentes al congreso

El Partido Obrero Socialista se complace en saludar su reunión y les desea éxitos y avances en sus deliberaciones, así como resoluciones que les permitan potenciar la lucha de los trabajadores y los oprimidos de su país. También esperamos que su congreso decida continuar y estrechar los lazos con nuestra organización. Es que el hecho de que el FSP y el POS actuemos en países vecinos nos exige mantener cuando menos una coordinación que sirva para participar en la defensa de los mexicanos, centroamericanos, caribeños y otros inmigrantes en la Unión Americana. También quisiéramos prepararnos conjuntamente en espera de las futuras protestas y luchas que esperamos lleven a cabo los obreros y los jóvenes de ambos países, como reacción ante la crisis económica y financiera que sigue azotando al mundo.

Tenemos igualmente interés en conocer sus análisis y posiciones ante las guerras en que está involucrado el imperio de su país, para exigir juntos la salida de las tropas norteamericanas de Irán y Afganistán. Una resuelta manifestación de su parte sobre la invasión en Afganistán ayudará a hacer ver al FSP como una alternativa ante el guerrerismo de Barack Obama.

El POS desea seguir aprendiendo y conociendo el trabajo entre las mujeres obreras y oprimidas que hace el FSP. Apreciamos el enorme valor que dan ustedes a la participación política revolucionaria de las mujeres y sabemos que lo hacen con el ejemplo de las talentosas y aguerridas compañeras que dirigen su organización.

Igualmente nos gustaría intercambiar puntos de vista y eventualmente debatir con ustedes sobre la situación en Cuba y en Palestina. Nosotros pensamos que es muy peligroso que la derecha imperialista aparezca en Cuba como la sostenedora y hasta la vanguardia de la lucha en Cuba por los más elementales derechos democráticos de ese pueblo, que niega todos los días la dictadura burocrática encabezada por Fidel y Raúl Castro. Somos los marxistas revolucionarios los que tenemos que aparecer ante el pueblo cubano como los que demandamos vigorosamente libertades y democracia para el pueblo trabajador dentro de un programa de defensa de las conquistas revolucionarias económicas y sociales ante los imperialistas y la burguesía.

Evaluamos como avances muy positivos en nuestras relaciones las visitas que nos han dispensado, de los compañeros Stephen y Robert. Ellos nos dicen, con su comportamiento fraternal y tolerante, y con sus opiniones fundamentadas, tanto como lo que hemos leído en los libros, folletos y periódicos del FSP. Deseamos que nos visiten todos los militantes del FSP que deseen hacerlo y las puertas del POS de México siempre estarán abiertas para el FSP.

Decimos con ustedes:

¡Viva el congreso del FSP!

¡Viva la revolución mundial!

¡Viva la IV Internacional!

Ciudad de México, 10 de julio de 2010.

Cuauhtémoc Ruiz

Por el CE del POS, miembro de la CIR.

8. Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT), Costa Rica (español)

Partido Revolucionario de las y los Trabajadores

Tel. 88 81 38 74 – paretra@yahoo.frprtcostarica.blogspot.com

San José, 26 de junio del 2010


Convención Nacional

Partido de la Libertad Socialista

Estados Unidos de Norteamérica

Estimadas y estimados camaradas:

Reciban un caluroso saludo de nuestro Partido, sección simpatizante de la Liga Internacional de las y los Trabajadores, desde la pequeña Costa Rica, en el istmo centroamericano

Aún cuando no estaremos físicamente presentes en el Evergreen State College in Washington del 9 al 12 de julio en vuestra Convención Nacional, primero que nada, sepan que seguimos y seguiremos muy atentos a sus esfuerzos por construir la dirección revolucionaria de la clase trabajadora y las y los oprimidos en la boca del lobo imperialista.

Con toda claridad hemos asumido y reconocido que del FSP aprendimos que el trotskismo revolucionario de hoy en día, sin perder para nada su naturaleza obrera, debe apoyarse fuertemente en las lucha por la emancipación de la mujer, las lesbianas y gays, las y los inmigrantes, levantando un programa transicional y construyendo el sujeto social revolucionario para derribar al capitalismo imperialista. Con orgullo y convicción, enarbolamos, hombro a hombro con ustedes, la bandera del feminismo socialista.

Observamos cómo mientras se acentúan los signos que auguran un nuevo y más agudo estallido de la crisis económica mundial, se empantana más el invasor imperialista en Afganistán e Irak, y la barbarie capitalista tiñe de muerte el Golfo de México con el derrame petrolero, la resistencia obrera empieza a recorrer el mundo, desde Europa, con Grecia a la cabeza, hasta las primeras huelgas en China. En ese camino, sabemos que, combatiendo sin tregua al espejismo y al cinismo de Obama, es vital estimular el resurgimiento del movimiento obrero norteamericano, y de sus batallones más oprimidos, que provienen precisamente de las y los jóvenes, las mujeres, los inmigrantes, las lesbianas y gays. Por lo que de nuevo les decimos que seguimos apasionadamente vuestra lucha.

Asimismo, como revolucionarias y revolucionarios se nos exige total franqueza en nuestras relaciones. Del mismo modo que reconocemos, sin ninguna mezquindad, los aportes que hemos recibido del FSP, también es nuestro deber decirles que en el último período se han agravado nuestras profundas diferencias en el análisis, el programa y la política sobre Cuba. Sin dejar de sostener que frente a cualquier eventual agresión imperialista, nuestro absoluto deber es defender a Cuba, pese a su dirección, lo cierto es que no tenemos la más remota esperanza de que el Partido Comunista manejado con mano de hierro por los hermanos Castro, tenga posibilidades de regeneración alguna, y al igual que el proceso que se consumó con la burocracia china, ubicamos a la burocracia castrista como la palanca fundamental hoy de la restauración capitalista en Cuba, por lo que nuestra bandera es la de la revolución política. Así también consideramos nefasta la influencia política del castrismo en el continente, auspiciando a los gobiernos de frente popular y al chavismo, que son diques de contención para la revolución latinoamericana.

Pese a esta diferencia clave u otras que tengamos, apostamos a que la práctica, que es la madre de la verdad, despejará estas y otras cuestiones, además reiteramos que esperamos seguir intercambiando opiniones y experiencias, en la medida en que mantenemos el aprecio por su lucha y por su fraternidad, y sobre todo porque, conscientes de nuestras grandes limitaciones y sin ninguna autoproclamación, en lo que respecta a nuestra tarea fundamental, las relaciones con camaradas como ustedes, incluyendo el proceso de clarificación de los acuerdos y discrepancias, son parte importante del arduo y complejo combate por construir el partido mundial de la revolución socialista: la IV Internacional.



David Morera

Por Comité Ejecutivo



10. Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores—Cuarta International (español)

Saludo de la UIT-CI a la Convención Nacional del Partido de Libertad Socialista (FSP), sección de Estados Unidos

Estimados compañeros:

Enviamos un saludo especial y revolucionario a vuestra Convención Nacional. Este evento se realiza en un momento muy especial de la lucha mundial del movimiento obrero y de los pueblos explotados. En Europa crecen las huelgas obreras como reguero de pólvora contra los planes de ajuste del FMI y de los gobiernos capitalistas. Solo en Grecia se han realizado cinco huelgas generales, durante este año. El proletariado europeo va hacia una huelga de toda Europa el 29 de setiembre. La consigna que se generaliza es: Que la crisis capitalista no la paguen los trabajadores, que la paguen los capitalistas”.

A estas luchas obreras se suman las huelgas en China que logran triunfos salariales frente a las multinacionales y al régimen dictatorial imperante. Crecen las protestas en el mundo contra las consecuencias sociales del capitalismo. Los inmigrantes salen por sus derechos en Estados Unidos y Europa. Las mujeres combaten por sus derechos. La juventud por los suyos, como ha ocurrido, por ejemplo, en Puerto Rico, en donde han obtenido una gran victoria.

El imperialismo norteamericano y sus aliados, están derrotados en Irak y Obama está muy cerca de tener su Vietnam en Afganistán. El pueblo palestino sigue su heroica resistencia a los planes criminales del estado sionista de Israel. Crece el reclamo mundial por el fin del bloqueo a Gaza.

En este marco se realiza vuestra conferencia. Por eso bregamos por su total éxito. Sabemos de la lucha de décadas del FSP en las entrañas del imperio. De su lucha por los derechos del movimiento sindical, de las mujeres y la juventud. Sabemos también de su internacionalismo. Hoy, más que nunca se necesita fortalecer la construcción de organizaciones revolucionarias socialistas en cada país.

Durante estos últimos dos años, hemos retomado contacto, realizado intercambios políticos y acordado campañas de solidaridad en común. Valoramos todo esto, más allá de las diferencias y matices políticos que podamos tener. Venimos de una larga marcha con muchas dificultades, pero somos parte de los que luchamos por la revolución socialista mundial y por la derrota definitiva del sistema capitalista-imperialista.

Debemos seguir con esa acción común y con el intercambio político entre nuestras organizaciones.

¡Por el total éxito de las sesiones de la Convención Nacional del FSP!

Saludos fraternales,

Comité Ejecutivo Internacional (CEI) de la UIT-CI

Unidad Internacional de Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional

2 de Julio de 2010

11. CIR Relations Committee of the International Revolutionary Current (CIR) (español)

México, México, DF

5 de julio 2010

Camaradas del FSP de Estados Unidos

A nombre del Comité de Enlace de la Corriente InternacionalRevolucionaria –CIR-, saludamos la reunión de vuestra Convención y lesdeseamos el más rotundo de los éxitos.

Valoramos muy positivamente el proceso de construcción de ustedesentre los trabajadores de Estados Unidos. Las mujeres trabajadoras,los obreros nativos de todas las razas o inmigrantes latinos y de otrasetnias y la juventud de ese país, están llamados a ser protagonistasfundamentales en las batallas decisivas que marcarán la destrucción dela explotación capitalista y hacer nacer de sus cenizas el socialismo condemocracia obrera.

En esa perspectiva inscribimos los intercambios y relaciones políticasemprendidas por nuestras organizaciones desde la misma fundación dela CIR. Esta dinámica nos ha permitido aquilatar el esfuerzo y aportes deustedes en la tarea más urgente e importante que afronta la humanidad:la superación de la crisis de dirección del proletariado.

Esta tarea se hace mucho más perentoria en este período en quela crisis financiera y económica en curso en el mundo, empeora lascondiciones materiales de vida de los trabajadores y demás explotados.La capacidad destructiva de esta crisis se agrava para los trabajadoresa efectos de las contrarreformas laborales y sociales que impulsan lospatronos y sus gobiernos de turno en el mundo.

Ante esta situación y sus perspectivas, los revolucionarios del mundotenemos la responsabilidad de ayudar a superar la dispersión que noscaracteriza en las últimas décadas.

En ese contexto valoramos muy positivamente que podamos continuardesarrollando nuestro proceso de intercambios y de colaboraciónpolítica. Entendemos que las diferencias que han surgido entre

nuestras organizaciones –Cuba, Palestina etc– podrían hacer partede un proceso de debate fraternal, sin que por ello se constituyanen obstáculos para el desarrollo de nuestras relaciones políticas.

Confiamos que vuestra Convención pueda examinar este proceso deacercamiento y debates entre nuestras organizaciones.

Aprovechamos la oportunidad para reiterarles la invitación a participaren la reunión de la CIR a celebrarse a partir del próximo 19 de julio.

Reciban nuestro saludo revolucionario,

Por el Comité de Enlace de la CIR,

Comisión Internacional

16. Nucleo por la Construcción de un Partido Revolucionario Internacionalista (NUPORI) Dominican Republic (español)


Camaradas Sthepen, Guerry Hoddersen y demas dirigentes del FSP.

Camaradas delegados y delegadas a la Convencion Nacional.

Camarada Invitados e invitadas.

Camaradas Todos y todas.

No place enviar estas notas solidarias para desear el mayor de los exitos en su Convencion Nacional estando seguros de que se van a debatir aspectos importantes de la lucha de clase en su pais y el mundo.

Abrigamos la esperanza de que sus deliberaciones serviran para avanzar en la lucha por la unidad de los que levantamos y reivindicamos los principios del marxismo revolucionario heredados de nuestros maestros Marx, Engels,Lenin, Trotskis y otros grandes dirigentes obreros, asi como las largas tradiciones del proletariado del mundo.

Sostenemos la necesidad de trabajar para ir superando la ausencia de una direccion revolucionaria, que se gane el respeto de los trabajadores y trabajadoras de cada pais y el mundo y unifique a todos los sectores explotados y oprimidos en su lucha por derrotar al capitalismo y que sobre sus cenizas construya la sociedad socialista para dar el salto del “reino de la necesidad al de la libertad”.

Finalmente, nos sentiremos honrados si nos hacen llegar las resoluciones adoptadas, sobre temas, que como el de Cuba y otros, nos interesan discutir con ustedes, como siempre, sobre la base del respeto mutuo y el derecho democratico a diferir.





Desde Republica Dominicana Nucleo por la Construccion de un Partido Obrero Revolucionario Internacionalista.(nupori)

27 de junio del 2010.


20. Alfredo Zarazúa, Guatemala (español)

Felicitaciones compañeros del Freedom Socialist Party en su Convención anual 2010.

¡¡Vivan las obreras y Obreros del los estados unidos de América!!

de: Alfredo Zaraz?a – Amigo Guatemalteco

21. People United, Guatemala (español)


Estimados amigos:

Desde Chimaltenango nuestra organización política Pueblo Unido les felicita
por este nuevo aniversario de lucha por buscar los cambios para los más
necesitados en éste continente Americano.

Nosotros siendo parte del continente en el centro del mismo también hemos
venido luchando porque nuestros pueblos vivan mejor y en plena libertad.

Felicidades! y Adelante!

Federico Morales y Tereso de Jesús García Leiva (Pueblo Unido)

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