Halt annexation of Palestinian land

Anti occupation protestors
Photo: Joe Catron
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World War II victors crowned Zionist Israel a state, which colonized additional Palestinian land in 1967. Genocide, racist apartheid, lifetime refugee camps and deadly repression of indigenous Palestinians have created an appalling way of life.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s far-right prime minister, scheduled more land annexation — 30 percent of the West Bank — for July 1 this year.

But it didn’t happen. Tens of thousands of Palestinians marched against it. Joining them were tens of thousands in cities around the world — the USA, England, Canada, Europe, South Africa, South Korea, Australia, even Israel, and many more.

They were organized by solidarity groups, not by their lofty governments that may not condone Israel’s illegal land grabs, but have done little to halt them.

“We can’t breathe since 1948” read a picket sign in Palestine. Clearly, Palestinians identify with today’s Black lives movement and solidarize vigorously with it in many countries.

A decade of militant grassroots organizing by the Palestinian-led BDS has laid the groundwork by vastly heightening support for Palestine beyond all borders.

In this revolutionary unity lies the hope for winning an end to the occupation of Palestine.

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