Gender wage gap

Inequity at every education level

Gender Wage Gap USA
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Average wage, in dollars per hour, women make compared to men:

No high school diploma: Men: $17.99; Women: $14.33 (79.7%)
High school diploma: Men: $24.08; Women: $18.93 (78.6%)
Some college: Men: $27.96; Women: $21.76 (77.8%)
College degree: Men: $49.01; Women: $34.39 (70.2%)
Advanced degree: Men: $65.51; Women: $44.34 (69.8%)

On average, women make 78% of men’s wages, but the pay gap is even worse for Black women (69.5%) and Latinas (64.1%).

Source: Gender wage gap widens, Economic Policy Institute

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