June 2015 – Labor Weather Report: A glance at how some workers and their unions are faring in the class struggle.

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March 2015 — Dignity in the fields. Over 50,000 mostly indigenous Mexican farm workers strike for over a week and block a freeway as they fight for legally mandated healthcare, a doubling of the $8 a day wage, and recognition of their union, which is independent of the government.

April 2015 — All about patient care. During contract talks the New York State Nurses Association turns out thousands for informational picketing across the Big Apple. At issue are dangerously high nurse-patient ratios and job security. Also, they seek a state law to set minimum staffing levels.

May 2015 — Solidarity persecuted. Assaf Adiv, leader of an independent Israeli union, is grilled by police after he organizes global support for a Palestinian unionist at a garage in the West Bank. Adiv pledges his union will “defend ALL workers regardless of their national or religious affiliation.”

In Progress — Tenacious truckers. After Kenyan truckers protest 24-hour shifts and paralyze the country’s northern corridor with a strike, 80 drivers are beaten by police and abducted at gunpoint. The fight continues to force the global logistics company AGILITY to recognize the drivers’ union.

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