Labor Weather Report

Wins, losses, and ongoing struggles for janitors, garment workers, and supermarket employees from Jordan to the U.S. South and North.

PHOTO: UFCW Local 371
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April 2019 — Stop & Shop: win and loss.
Over three thousand Stop & Shop supermarket workers in New England went on a militant, highly publicized and supported strike for eight days, and won! They preserved their relatively good contract for current workers. BUT UFCW unions agreed to a two-tier contract, at the expense of new workers.

April 2019 — Migrant workers in Jordan.
Of Jordan’s garment industry workers, 75 percent are women, and 77 percent are migrants from ten different countries. Jordan’s garment trade union organized and trained these workers. And in April, for the first time, they were elected to committees at the factory level that represent workers of all different nationalities.

Current — Janitors take on Target.
Tennessee janitors have forced Target to fire crooked cleaning contractor Diversified Maintenance, which steals wages and targets immigrants. Organizing through Workers Dignity center, janitors publicized abuses, mounted protests and filed lawsuits. Next? Stop
the 800 other Targets from contracting with Diversified!

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