Letters to the editor, October 2023

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Oct. 7 rallies for women

Open letter from the International Committee in Defence of Afghan Women (ICDAW):

The Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Women calls for international actions and rallies on Oct. 7 in support of the rights of the Afghan women oppressed by the Taliban regime. And to put pressure on governments — particularly the major powers — to grant immediate and unconditional asylum to Afghan women and women activists who are being hunted down and threatened with death because they have dared to fight for their rights.

It was on Oct. 7, 2001, that the government of the United States launched its so-called “war on terror” in Afghanistan and overthrew the Taliban regime.

Then, on Aug. 15, 2021, the U.S. government reinstated the Taliban to power, who have continued to exclude women from all aspects of public life: they are banned from working, from getting an education, and even from walking in the street.

The Taliban regime must not be supported either politically or financially, and should not be recognized. The women’s protest movement inside Afghanistan must be given help, and women who are threatened and in danger should immediately be granted asylum.

Together, let us call rallies and pickets in scores of cities around the world on Oct. 7, in solidarity with their struggle.

Let us demand that the governments of the major powers grant immediate and unconditional asylum to the Afghan women activists being persecuted.

Then circulate photos of these rallies so that our sisters in Afghanistan and all those who support their struggle know that they are not alone!

Rubina Jamil (Pakistan), Christel Keiser (France) for ICDAW


Inspiring story

As someone who was raised in a reform synagogue, it was very inspiring to read Raya Fidel’s article [“Journey of an Israeli communist,” Vol. 44, No. 4]. While it is frustrating to be a Jew in the U.S. who opposes the Israeli government, it is exponentially more challenging for Israelis, and reading her story reminded me that there are always comrades on the front lines doing their best to turn the tide.

I had never heard of the Israeli Communist Party. My lack of awareness is a perfect example of how those in power manipulate history to make it feel like resistance is scattered and futile.

We are part of a worldwide movement, made up of people who are constantly searching for ways to keep pushing, and we are together in solidarity until justice is achieved for all.

Dave Nurick via email

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