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Afghan greetings

The Afghanistan Socialist Association (ASA) is pleased to wish you a happy and a triumphant new year 2010.

Poverty, unemployment, corruption, violence and finally a fraudulent election are the gifts and achievements of the presence of the “International Community” for the people of Afghanistan.

But before the end of 2009, the major cities were witness to big and brave demonstrations of youths, students, workers and peasants against the barbaric mission of U.S. imperialism and its western allies. Thousands in Kabul, Laghman, Jalalabad and Kunar set pictures of Barack Obama on fire and demanded immediate and unconditional withdrawal.
ASA cannot expect a miracle in 2010 toward peace, but we urge on the support of popular resistance in Afghanistan and seek the international solidarity of workers, youth, women and all oppressed people of America, Europe, Australia and Japan.
Afghanistan Socialist Association

New energy in South Africa

We in the Workers Organization for Socialist Action are involved in a number of political, cooperative, and community-based initiatives. It is clear there is a renewal of militant energy here and a serious engagement with strategy and theory. The long honeymoon with the “Rainbowism” of the Mandela period is over and from all sides, people are starting to search for “new beginnings.”
Warm best wishes to all.
Neville Alexander


Aims of the lobby

Thanks for the article [“Be a Mensch — Join the Boycott of Israel!” Adrienne Weller, Vol. 30, No. 6] and support.

I fall a little differently on the “Zionist lobby” issue. The lobby is certainly linked to U.S. imperialism, but it does have its own agenda with which it tries to drive U.S. Middle East policy. The lobby would still be plugging for Israel’s domination of Palestinians even if the U.S. had no economic or strategic interests in the region. Of course, they would have a harder time doing so.

But I do agree that there are conspiracy-minded folks out there who take it much too far and look for Zionists and Zionist influence in every corner.
Peter Miller

Plaudits for action

A great article. I always admire people who are willing to learn and then take the consequences and do something.
Einar Schlereth

Context is key

“Be a Mensch” correctly discusses building the anti-Israel boycott movement within a larger anti-imperialist context. Indeed, Zionists routinely challenge Israel’s opponents, “Why boycott Israel and say nothing about Saudi Arabia’s super-male chauvinist regime?” Paradoxically, the best way to build the anti-Israel movement would be to simultaneously expose the U.S.-Saudi alliance. The regime’s male chauvinism is loathed by millions of Americans, yet most “feminist” groups don’t protest Washington’s ties. Naturally, these liberal Democrats also do nothing against Israel’s male-chauvinist regime.

“There’s no such thing as a one-country fight against the devil.” The proverb will always be true. Documenting U.S. patronage of male-chauvinist regimes abroad would be a popular way of getting feminists of both genders to mobilize against their own government.
Lenni Brenner


Dissenters in Cuba not to be trusted

I’m a conscientious member of the Communist Party of Cuba who agrees with its tenets and the measures set in motion by President Raúl Castro. I disagree with the [dissident] “collection of voices” cited by Susan Williams [“Cuba’s Fate: Balanced on a Razor’s Edge,” Vol. 30, No. 5].

This small choir comes in very handy to those who live far from Cuba and those who oppose the ideological positions of the Communist Party of Cuba on the basis of their stagnant [anti-] Stalinist prejudices.

I read the Freedom Socialist Party’s 2003 declaration on Cuba and it’s plain that you neither have all the information you need nor are able to grasp Cuban politics. About this and other matters we can exchange works.

I believe a debate with people who hold other views is always important. I’m talking about a debate based on respect and friendship, as befits comrades who share the same revolutionary ideas. I’m not interested in exchanging anything with those who attack my Party with groundless accusations and disparaging epithets, as Williams does. Let’s have a critical dialogue as comrades in the difficult but always passionate struggle for World Revolution.
Felipe de J. Pérez Cruz

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