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PHOTO: Jonathan McIntosh, May Day 2006 / Wikimedia
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A needed message

Your October-November “An editorial dilemma” [Vol. 39, No. 5] about the overwhelming excess of global crises, a dilemma no doubt shared by most Freedom Socialist readers, stands, in fact, as its own resolution.

Your brief compilation of worldwide suffering caused by a multitude of avoidable crises, all ignored by a distracted mainstream media, is itself a sorely needed editorial message.

Coupled with the variety of illuminating articles on other international subjects rarely found in one place elsewhere, your editorial efforts in this issue deserve our congratulations.

Doug Noble, Rochester, N.Y.


Economic crisis displaces millions

Wonderful article on open borders — informative and eloquent [“The case for open borders,” Vol. 39, No 6].

In particular, “Today we see a worldwide trend of corporate-backed right-wing movements that target immigrants — because the permanent, escalating capitalist economic crisis is displacing millions. To divert attention from huge income disparity, war, and outright theft by the ultrarich as the causes of poverty and underemployment, the powerful urge workers to think other workers are the problem,” speaks volumes.

I look forward to Megan Cornish’s next piece.

William Hathaway, Oldenburg, Germany


Her writing inspired

Thank you for the article about Rachel Carson [“Rachel Carson’s passionate crusade” Vol. 39, No. 5]!

I read her book Silent Spring when I was in high school and it moved me to tears.

Steve Oneill via email


Frank Little

As a human rights advocate and activist in a Texas prison (I very regretfully signed a plea bargain deal under duress), I’ve been writing up a storm challenging the totality of abusive conditions in prisons.

Your newspaper is a great help with the news and information that y’all share.

I am a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), and I read a lot about them before I joined. But I surely don’t know everything there is to know, and bam! I’m reading one of your newspapers just yesterday and noticed a bad-ass article, “Celebrating intrepid Wobbly Frank Little, 1879–1917” [Vol. 38, No. 6].

I didn’t know you worked with the IWW. And I didn’t know about Frank Little. So I am very impressed — that was a damn good article!

N. Hestand, Tennessee Colony, Texas


Dodgers and Yankees cross picket line

During baseball’s post-season both the LA Dodgers and the New York Yankees stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Boston. They crossed a UNITE HERE Local 6 picket line to do so.

The player’s should have honored the strike. It’s called solidarity.

I’m not saying that the Yankees and Dodgers lost because they scabbed, but it did feel like karma.

Katherine Godman via email

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PHOTO: Immigrant rights march for amnesty in downtown Los Angeles, California on May Day, 2006. Jonathan McIntosh on Wikimedia

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