Letters to the editor

April 2021

Fred Hyde at a 2013 rally for Nestora Salgado. PHOTO: Doug Barnes / FS
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Stalwart solidarity

Somehow I can’t imagine Fred Hyde “retired.” As long as I’ve known Fred he’s been a dynamo of courageous, creative and consistent revolutionary activism [“Fred Hyde — on a mission to change the world,” Vol. 42, No. 1].

Fred is one of the reasons I have so much respect for the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP). Like my many other friends and comrades in the FSP, Fred has always done his work and lived his life with complete integrity, offering comradeship and solidarity to all those he has worked with, be they in the FSP or not, such is Fred’s lack of sectarianism.

I truly regret, both politically and personally, that living in different states has meant I’ve not been able to work more closely with Fred, except on some joint work we’ve done over the years in the National Lawyers Guild. Because time spent with Fred Hyde is time spent with a true revolutionary and one hell-of-a-fine, and love filled man.

So, Fred, tonight when I drink my “quarantini,” I will lift my glass and send a very warm toast your way.

Jim Lafferty, Los Angeles


Appreciate the work

Thank you for your long-time support and your newspaper which I consider an 84th happy birthday greeting to me. I greatly appreciate all that you do.

Sundiata Acoli, Cumberland, Maryland


Right-wing attacks

The far right is going after the first amendment right to protest. Twelve states have legislation that would increase penalties for demonstrators on roadways. These bills also provide legal immunity for drivers who hit protesters. If passed, these laws would make it open season on protesters.

Some rightwingers have deliberately plowed vehicles into crowds of BLM or antifascist protests. Dozens have been killed or injured in incidents across the country.

This is not road rage; it is politically-motivated murder. Now, some conservative lawmakers want to issue get-out-of-jail-free cards to these predators.

These attacks must be countered at all levels. Defend the right to protest.

Bernadette Logue, Seattle


Uncomradely language

While reading an otherwise excellent article [“Ecosocialism vs. ‘green’ capitalism, “ Vol. 41, No. 6] I noticed a word usage that’s both grammatically incorrect and insulting to some members of the leftist community that will be part of any legitimate socialist coalition: the anarchists.

The article quote is this: “This ruin of the planet is baked into the laws of capitalism. The system is fundamentally anarchistic.” Perhaps the author meant “anarchic” or unstable, rather than “pertaining to the sociopolitical philosophy/movement of anarchism.”

John Farthing, Seattle

Editor’s note: We agree that the word anarchic would have been better.


Support the people

In early February, the Myanmar military initiated a coup against duly elected State Chancellor Aung San Suu Kyi and her party, the National League for Democracy.

The people of Myanmar, led by students, are in the streets. Massive nationwide strikes are raging, with women garment workers playing a pivotal role.

The military has viciously responded; over 50 protesters have been killed and thousands arrested. Two members of the opposition party were killed in custody.

The U.N. has denounced the junta, but more pressure is needed. The people of Myanmar deserve global support in their effort to depose the military coup.

Hopefully this movement for democratic rights will expand its demands to include justice for the ethnic minority Rohingya and hold Suu Kyi accountable for ongoing brutality against them.

Amy Gray-Schlink, Oakland, California

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