Letters to the editor

April 2022

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The emotional labor

Thank you for your article [“Publicly funded childcare — we had it once, why not now?” Vol. 43, No. 1]. Miriam Padilla hit all the points and then knocked my socks off with one sentence at the end, where she talked about the “emotional labor” involved in running a household! What a perfect way to put it.

Amy Gray-Schlink, Oakland, California


No more walls, no prisons

Deadly migrations in the Americas” [Vol. 43, No. 1] by Muffy Sunde is journalism at a high level. Scapegoating immigrants, immigration raids, private immigrant prisons, thousands of migrants dying in the desert, and much more is in this article.

The conclusion hits the nail on the head. “Today’s immigration policies only serve to increase profits for a few. A movement that demands walls come down and immigrants be welcomed will save lives. And indeed, through international working-class alliances, it will ensure the survival of the planet and the welfare of all who inhabit Mother Earth.”

Roger Yockey, Yakima, Washington


Far-right custody case

The article on Brackeen v. Headland [“Native children and sovereignty targeted in right-wing lawsuit,” Vol. 42, No. 6] was tremendous!

PitchingDocProfessor @DocPitching


Demystifying numbers

I loved the article Denis Sanders wrote explaining inflation [“Inflation demystified: winners and losers,” Vol. 42, No. 1]. I would like to see more on this in the pages of the Freedom Socialist.

Thank you for writing it.

Yolanda Alaniz, Los Angeles, California

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