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Cryptocurrency coverage

Excellent analysis — went for the jugular [“A Marxist look at cryptocurrency,” Vol. 43, No. 6].

Leandra Barbieri via email

Important analysis

We want to thank you for your last issue of the Freedom Socialist. Even though we could not attend your convention, David Schmauch gives a vivid report of the proceedings.

We are especially impressed by the article by Taras Bilous. Having been to Ukraine and the major cities during the Soviet period, and more recently to Liviv, we are sickened by the violence, which is totally unnecessary. Taras Bilous gives a very balanced historical and current picture of a very complex situation, that requires a great deal of knowledge and fairness, and even courage, to understand correctly in its complexity.

Unfortunately, many of our friends in Germany are so traumatized by German crimes in the Soviet Union during World War II, that the justified feelings of guilt stand in the way of understanding the true situation and the role a neo-imperial Russia plays. Like most, we hope for a speedy conclusion to this terrible man-made disaster, so that the people of the area can have a life in peace with justice.

Thank you for reprinting this important analysis.

Rev. Dr. Christoph Schmauch, Kathryn Hively Schmauch Columbus, Ohio


The movie is epic

In reference to the movie review of The Woman King (Vol. 44, No. 1), I agree wholeheartedly with the author. I nearly missed it myself until it left the theatre and moved to Netflix. I regret that because it should be seen on the big screen. It was in my opinion an epic and I will watch it again.

It’s too bad it was ignored by the Oscars, but as the master of ceremonies on Oscar evening noted it should have been included.

Judy Castello via email


Texas Prison Labor Union

Because the state of Texas has its legislative sessions in every odd year by constitutional mandate, the Texas Prison Labor Union (TPLU) in conjunction with other organizations, groups, and persons have contacted State of Texas Senate and House of Representative members with requests for investigations and legislative proposals for the following statutory changes:

Proposal of statutory change to allow payment of Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Criminal Institutions Division (TDCJ-CID) inmates for work and duties performed and a stipend for those whose medical/health disability impede or prohibit work; as well as those who have security restrictions on working.

Repeal proposal of the prohibition of inmate use of the Texas Open Records Act of which currently and has operated as a government obstruction to oppress, intimidate, and impede the growth of the inmate mentally.

Proposal of re-enactment of the State of Texas Indeterminate Sentence Law to afford actual value to “good time” and “work time” credits toward the fulfillment of obligations imposed by judgment, sentence, and commitment orders.

Proposal of a “Second Chance Act” to affect those convicted as a juvenile and those who are first offenders who were convicted at the age of 17 through 26.

Proposal of amendment of current ITP statute to include a mandatory parole release of all persons whose parole eligibility has been met and a successful fulfillment and completion of all ITP mandates and requirements.

Thank you very much. And do continue to keep the newspaper informative and educational by reporting matters that the mainstream media does not address. For the newspaper has and is an effective tool of teaching and learning.

Willie A. Milton, co-founder of the TPLU, Huntsville, Texas

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