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Teachers and librarians on the front line

As a writer, I especially appreciated Lois Danks’ article on the concept of banning books rearing its ugly head again [“Book bans sweep through US school boards,” Vol. 43, No. 2].

While Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General Edward Meese tried to ban pornography and so-called “girlie” magazines in the 1980s, I believe this current incarnation of people who would ban books represent an even more dangerous threat.

They’ve returned to the roots of Nazi Germany — the censorship of ideas. Groups backed by the likes of the Koch brothers want to disavow the United States’ racist past and to deny the existence of groups like the LGBTQ+ community — witness Florida’s pending “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Hooray for teachers and librarians who stand up for people’s right to think independently. Also, a shout out to the Freedom Socialist for reporting on these vital issues.

Raymond V. Murphy, Seattle, Washington


International solidarity for reproductive justice

Hats off to reproductive freedom fighters across the United States who are answering the far right’s declaration of war [“This is war — Let’s turn the tide for legal abortion,” Vol. 43, No. 3].

And kudos to the National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice for galvanizing such amazing forces. This has inspired sibling warriors locked in similar battles around the world.

International solidarity is huge. In cities across Australia there were massive turnouts on July 3 — 15,000 in Melbourne alone.

Thousands of placards called for action against the misogynist, racist, LGBTQ+-hating right wing in Australia, which the U.S. Supreme Court decision has emboldened. Everyone knows it’s planning a fresh assault on our bodily autonomy and rights. But we’re emboldened, too, by the resistance we’re watching in the U.S.

This is the beauty of solidarity.

Debbie Brennan, Melbourne, Australia

No going back

At age 13, before abortion was legal and accessible, I, a Catholic, learned my best friend was pregnant and planned to find a back-alley hack. I drained my piggybank to ride the bus with her from New Jersey to New York, where abortion was already legal and accessible. It was life or death for girls and women then.

No going back to the butchers, this time for good.

Bernadette Kelly, Seattle, Washington


High crimes and hypocrisy

It does amaze me that we can spend money and fight a war with guns and bombs, but not a war for the world’s survival [“US Congress ruthlessly slashes Covid funding,” Vol. 43, No. 3].

Really, this “should” be a world war on the Covid virus as well as a world united to finally help slow down climate change.

Homo sapiens, all our history of what, 50,000 years, have been cruel and fighting for power. And now, as the earth is changing and causing floods, drought, fire, Covid, (that we knew would happen and did nothing), it is in our face to do something.

Homo sapiens, climate change is a part of our geology from Pangea and it continues. The dinosaurs went extinct and we will too, but we could slow it down and help each other. And as the author points out, look at where we are spending money, not on helping each other, but on killing each other and supporting the military and gun manufacturers.

Oy. Thank you for the articles in your paper. I keep learning.

Sally Friedman, Seattle, Washington

Information infuriates

Excellent article [“US Congress ruthlessly slashes Covid funding,” Vol. 43, No. 3]! Boiling mad!

Carole Seligman, San Francisco, California


Always count on you

I just received your June-July issue [Vol. 43, No. 3] and I wanted to say thanks. I can always count on your paper for news on today’s issues that matter. And so, by all means, keep up the good work and once again thanks.

Valenzuela, Monroe, Washington

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