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International African American Museum opens

It took almost a quarter century of effort by committed activists to bring it to life, but the reward was worth it when the International African American Museum (IAAM) opened its doors on June 27.

In these days of re-writing of history — especially that of people of color — and desperate attempts to whitewash U.S. history, this new institution confronts the reality of slavery in Africa and the United States.

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, on the same dock that an estimated half of all enslaved Africans passed through, the museum will educate and help people research their roots. As the IAAM website states, “Our journey will challenge, illuminate, inspire, and move people into action.”


Get analysis out further

It was with great interest and pleasure that I read the extended supplement to the April-May issue of the Freedom Socialist by Steven Strauss, “The Planetary Crisis and the Crucial Role of a Revolutionary Party,” [Vol. 44, No. 2].

I found it to be nothing less than a socialist manifesto for our times. Therefore, I write you to suggest — if this is not already “in the works” — that this document be reprinted in pamphlet or booklet form and be as widely advertised and distributed as possible.

Please extend my compliments to comrade Steven for his excellent work. And, my thanks to you all for all your great work as well!

If there is any hope for this world, it is from the possibility of a new world built on revolutionary socialist principles, on which the FSP has never wavered.

Yours in revolutionary solidarity.

Luke Anavi, Portland, Oregon

LGBTQ+ rights

In defense of the trans community

Well said Sukey Wolf. Your article on trans rights is perfect [“The perspective of a pioneer activist: Answering transphobes in the feminist movement,” Vol. 44, No. 3].

Jeff Mackler via email


A pox on red-baiting

In Seattle, we are having a bout of anti-communist rhetoric in the local newspaper. David Volodzko wrote an opinion piece in the Seattle Times denouncing our city for the Lenin statue. He is evidently a diehard red-baiter, who doesn’t understand that the city has a vibrant history linked to communist and socialist movements.

The historic 1919 Seattle general strike was partially ignited by longshore workers refusing to load a cargo of rifles intended to arm the Czarist counter-revolution. A key spokesperson for the Seattle strike was Anna Louise Strong, a radical journalist who was influenced by a speech from Lenin about how Soviet workers were learning to self-organize.

Seattle is also the birthplace of socialist feminism, initiated by the beloved revolutionary feminist, Leninist and community organizer Clara Fraser, whose 100th birthday would have been this year. Fraser was a Trotskyist — meaning she supported the aims of Leon Trotsky, who allied with Lenin in an attempt to stop Stalin’s rise to power. Many of the sins that anti-communists wrongly assign to Lenin are attributable to Stalin’s brutal dictatorship. Hands off Lenin and Seattle’s radical traditions!

Helen Gilbert, Seattle, Washington


A legacy to follow

Mike was an inspiration through steadfastness and optimism [“Remembering Mike Warner, 1941-2023: Socialist feminist, anti-Nazi stalwart and architect,” Vol 44, No. 3]. He left a legacy for me to follow.

Glenn Kirkindall, Portland, Oregon


The role of students

Jared Houston has covered very well the struggle in Peru for justice in his article “Peru: Workers, campesinos unite in rebellion” [Vol. 44, No. 3]. But students could have been included in the article.

My partner Marilyn and I were in Peru as volunteers in 1985. We both taught students at La Molina University. I was very impressed by the students we taught conversational English.

I told the students in my classes about the inequality in the United Sates. They shared with me the political and social situations in Peru. They spoke of how the poor and Indigenous peoples were denied needed access to services and more to survive and thrive.

The students impressed me with their pride in being Peruvians and their determination in improving the lives of the poor. ¡Hasta la victoria!

Roger Yockey, Yakima, Washington

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