Letters to the editor

February 2024

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Julian Assange appears before a London High Court in late February. This is the final effort to stop his extradition to the U.S. to face bogus espionage charges. Assange’s real “crime” was uncovering and reporting on Uncle Sam’s illegal dirty deeds. Free Assange!


Importance of program

In 1994, I lived in New York and had the opportunity to meet the Freedom Socialist Party.

Since that special meeting, I have read the FSP’s newspaper to find another vision of the events and, above all, to feed hope and confirm that we must make the space where we live our own. Be who we are, recognize others, establish a dialogue, and build that balanced space to live better.

That’s why I share the 10 points of the program of the party and discuss them in my spaces, even on the subway in London. Sometimes someone asks me: Excuse me, what are you reading? And I answer: the Freedom Socialist newspaper. You should also read it, and we will discuss it.

Raúl Suárez via email

Needed advocacy

As a lifelong, secular, progressive humanist, I have long been impressed by Freedom Socialist’s widespread advocacies and concerns including LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, reproductive choice, workers’ rights and many others. There is no such thing as a little injustice and those who oppose particular freedoms, as we well know, oppose actual rights and progress in general.

I also like and applaud the new format. It is compact, easy to read and informed, as always, on behalf of many causes. The publication covers many topics in an informed and unique manner. My regards and congratulations!

L. E. Ward, Iron River, Michigan


Criticism is labeled antisemitic in Germany

Thank you for two excellent articles on Israel and Palestine [“Israel must be stopped” and “Thoughts from an Israeli-American socialist,” Vol. 44, No. 6].

Here in Germany the long-term and much-needed program to expunge antisemitism from the society has now been hijacked by the Zionists so that any but the mildest criticism of Israel is branded as antisemitic, which is the kiss of death for a politician or public figure here. Unfortunately, the refusal to have an open debate on Israel’s behavior is increasing antisemitism in the population. A ghastly situation.

William Hathaway, Oldenburg, Germany

A book worth reading

I found out that Monthly Review Press, in light of the emergency in Gaza, is offering free copies of the book A Land With a People: Palestinians and Jews Confront Zionism.

The book offers a comprehensive analysis of the Palestine issue. Information on getting copies can be found at monthlyreview.org/press.

C. Henderson via email

Zionism erodes free speech on campus

After reading the excellent article “Israel must be stopped” [Vol. 44, No. 6] I was struck how the war against Palestine is also being used to stifle free speech on U.S. college campuses and attack women and people of color. Any support of Palestine is met with cries of antisemitism, which is used to penalize and ostracize those who stand up to Zionist genocide.

As a decades long campus worker, I have seen how academic freedom has been violated by the administration and by rich alumni and corporate donors who want to keep the college system an all white rich boys institution.

The folks who forced Dr. Claudine Gay, Harvard’s first Black president, to resign, are the same ones who want to get rid of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs and liberal professors. This is a victory for the far right and corporate overlords and a loss of civil liberties and Palestinian rights.

Nancy Reiko Kato, San Francisco, California

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