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Capitalist profiteering

This is in response to your August newsletter about the global energy crisis [“Fuel prices,” Vol. 43, No. 4].

As I write, my part of California is suffering under a blistering heat wave with temperatures up to 115 degrees. Because of rotting capitalism, our energy is stolen from the people and used to garner immense profits for companies like Pacific Gas and Electric, who use the profits to give bonuses to the CEO and executives, while their infrastructure is failing and literally burning down cities.

While profiteers and politicians are traversing the globe in their private jets, we are reduced to almost pre-electricity levels so we can keep on our A/C as we recognize that privilege that most people in the world do not enjoy.

Ending imperialist wars for oil control and lithium extraction is only the beginning to solve the climate crisis.

Cindy Sheehan, via email

Time for fuel protest

I wish I could find a gas station in San Francisco with gas prices as low as $5.41. I’m paying $6.63!

In part this can be attributed to gas taxes at 54 cents per gallon, but as the author states, it’s “oligarchs trying to maintain their oil profits.” Let the workers in the U.S. follow suit with others globally who are rising up in protest.

Nancy Reiko Kato, San Francisco, California


Speaks to life lived

Nellie Wong’s poem, “Interiority, hey?,” [Vol.43, No. 3] is an impressive example of her literary work.

I have always believed in the arts profoundly contributing to awareness raising, and insights into oppression, prejudice and exploitation of marginalized, dispossessed peoples.

The poetic presentation of Nellie’s domestic setting authenticates her as a real person with the same rights, needs and equality as the wealthy or famous.

I relate to the imposed otherness of the previously mentioned marginalized people. Also the egregious historic crimes endured by many of non-European backgrounds, or of Indigenous, First Nation status. As Nellie points out, they were born here!

Peter Hannaford, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia


LGBTQ+ history

We know that LGBTQ+ people have existed as long as humanity has existed. However, too often in academia, the histories of African LGBTQ+ experiences of the past are not told [“Colonial legacy of queer and trans discrimination in Africa,” Vol. 43, No. 4].

This is a by-product of the general lack of information on African contributions to civilization as well as heterosexist biases around those who do study and disseminate such information. The works being done to change this by Alison Thorne, Zanele Muholi, AfrikaIsWoke.com is to be applauded and strongly supported.

M. Owolabi, Iowa Park, Texas

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