Letters to the editor

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Mumia Abu-Jamal needs help. Prison officials have denied him doctor-required diet and exercise since his heart surgery in 2021, and his health is deteriorating. Write a letter of support by visiting the Health Alert Action page at prisonradio.org.


Pithy and succinct

I can’t say enough in praise of the author of the cover article on “Free Speech under Fire” in your February/March issue [Vol. 45 No. 1]. It was a masterpiece of concision and thoroughness on the worldwide assaults anti-Zionists are experiencing at the hands of politicians, university administrators, cultural and art museum curators, and spineless media giants.

I especially appreciate such writing because my small leftwing organization tasks me with writing weekly 500-word flyers on issues ranging from immigration to women’s rights to the costs we pay as a society for financing our merchants of death.

The fact is anyone can write long rambling pieces on the Internet that hardly anyone has time or energy to finish. But it takes real skill to say something short and powerful enough to get read by busy working people — something they can read quickly that informs, stirs righteous passion, and at the same time gives direction for future action.

Thanks, Luma Nichol, from one activist to another. I will shamelessly purloin your words for my next flyer on free speech under worldwide assault! And that’s a very high compliment indeed!

Roger Fraser, Elgin, Illinois


Great look

Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate and support your new format for the paper. The February–March 2024 issue [Vol. 45, No. 1] was informative and well-organized making it more readable. I’ve been inspired to renew my subscription early.

M. Curtis, Pocatella, Idaho


Race to the bottom

Nice take-down on Nikki Haley [“Billionaires back Nikki Haley,” Vol. 45, No. 1]. I’ve been curious about how many of Boeing’s quality control deficits are traceable to South Carolina’s non-union workforce. Will we ever know?

I recall reading an article about 15 years ago regarding the German manufacturer BMW. They went looking for a place to offshore some of their labor projects. They ended up selecting South Carolina. They found a vast army of “mechanics,” with their own tools, eager to work for $15 per hour, no medical insurance, no pension. BMW would have paid $50 per hour for the same work in Germany, with medical and pension provided by the national government.

It’s a race to the bottom with South Carolina leading the charge.

Dave McKee, Port Angeles, Washington


Useful tool

I really enjoyed the article “Racist Southern economic model betrays workers” [Vol. 45, No. 1]. I was aware of some of the history and concepts in it already, but the article puts the issues so concisely and clearly and fits them into a narrative that’s easy to understand. I am excited to share this article with others when trying to articulate these complex and sweeping issues.

For example, I am a domestic worker, and it’s important for folks to know that racism was why domestic workers were excluded from the Fair Labor Standards Act.

I was moved and saddened as I read, thinking of all the policies that keep people in poverty in the South, but was immediately heartened by the information about the multi-racial organizing that’s going on now to push against these structures of oppression. I always appreciate the work you at FSP do.

Karen Taylor via email

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